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I sat for my NCLEX this am. 8 oclock! my favorite time.......not. Anyhow, the screen turned blue after 75 questions...sounds familiar right? However, I did not think I passed any of the questions. The topic of the questions were familiar, but the choices were not. I know I bombed the last easy math question....nerves. I left there thinking that was the dumbest test I ever took in my life.

Here is my question..... I came home and received a good pop up. Is that possible??? I thought the way I was answering, I would have gotten more than 75 questions. Since it shut off (and I know some were wrong) doesn't that mean I bombed this thing. And if so, what is with the good pop up???

I am sorry to be rambling, I am just confused. Did I actually pass??? How do you pay the $8.00 for the quick results? I called pearson and someone with a thick accent told me I had to wait 3 days for the unofficial results. I couldn't find that anywhere on pearsons site. What happens after the 3 days "unofficial" news. How do I get the official news.

If anyone has any answers for me, I would greatly appriceciate it. I can't just sit here and bite my nails for 2-3 days.

Good pop up is a good sign! Congrats!

the good pop up means you passed! congrats!!!

From what I have read, you have to have “delivery successful” in the box for the PVT to work properly. Also, if this is your third time taking your test this could cause a false good pop up because some states require a remediation course before sitting for the test again. Other than that the PVT seems to be accurate. So if all this fits your bill then you probably passed!!

I think its only 48hours before you can get the quick results. If your state participates in this-they "should have" sent you home with some kind of paper or pamphlet that explains everything.

Best wishes!!!:nurse:

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