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Hi all,

First and foremost I have to stay this is such an amazing website! I have been on this website reading everyones stories of success and I decided that after I took the NCLEX today I will share my story and tips.

So today, July 3rd, I took the NCLEX-RN in nyc at 2:00. I was so nervous and I soon as the test started I thought my heart going to beat out of my chest lol. Some of the questions I definetly knew off the bat because I prepared with Kaplan. Others I could narrow it down to two answer choices and eliminate from there. All in all the test was not easy but not difficult. I had close to 10-15 maybe SATA (they were back to back lol), no math, med-surg, immunization, some priority, lots of health teachings. As soon as I got to 74.. I said to myself its going to stop at 75... and it did!! Im doing the PVT trick and im getting the good pop!

My advice: BREATH!! Do not doubt yourself one bit!! Take your time but dont dwell for too long. Go with what you know!!! If you need any tips on how I prepared please reply back to this post!!

Congrats to all passers and good luck to all that are taking the NCLEX soon!!

Thank you!! good luck!

I really used on the Saunders book (I focused on the questions mostly and the drug chapters). I would skim most of the chapters that I knew and focused on s/s, tx, and medications. I also had hurst which focused on the basics.

Congratulations! :yelclap: Thanks for the tips.

Congrats!!! Thank u for sharing your experience..

Hello Everyone!

This is indeed an amazing website. I recently graduated from a BSN program and just took the NCLEX RN exam two days ago. I Passed! This website gave me so much encouragement. Being mentally calm and having confidence in your self is the key. I am a Christian and prayed every night for God to help me with this exam, and if you are a Christian also...Don't you worry about anything because with God all things are possible. I was an average student, always wandering if i would pass or fail each semester, but with GOD, CONFIDENCE, A CALM MIND and DETERMINATION i made it. All of you can do it also! A big good luck and many blessings to all of you who will be taking the exam.

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