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Took NCLEX-RN today, fourth attempt...


Took my NCLEX-RN today for the fourth time in about 10 months... got 237 Questions an then it shut off. (Previous attempts were 75, 87, 75)

I'm kinda nervous because I have little faith since it shut down at a number like that... And my final question I was not sure of at all. Way too nervous and sick to my stomach to even try the Pearson Vue trick....

Had about 15-20 SATA questions and my last 100ish questions were mostly "pick which patient you'd see first". I swear those made up for at least half my test. Sigh, just nervous. Used to failing this thing, I guess thats where the pessimism comes from.

Not sure this will help, but the fact that it went on as long as it did, in your case is a good indicator. At least the way I'm looking at it, the first three times you took it you did so poorly that it gave you the bare minimum number of questions (or barely above that) and decided you had no hope of passing. THIS time, though, you went for much longer.....in essence, an improvement considerably over last time. THIS time, if you happened to fail, you were much closer; your studying improved to the point you'd nearly gotten there.

And, of course, you might just as easily have passed! Does your State participate in Quick Results? So you can pay $8 and see if you passed or failed?

I agree with the previous poster it could be a good thing. Try the pvt when you are up to it hopefully it can give you some insight.


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don't torture yourself. do the PVT or pay the 8 bucks to know for sure. good luck

I'm going to pay for the quick results when they are available.

Thanks for the support. A family member said the same thing. I just don't want to have to go through this again.

I am hoping for the best for you, sending positive energy your way

Thank you kindly.

Almost checked the PVT today... couldn't bring myself to do it.


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Thank you kindly.

Almost checked the PVT today... couldn't bring myself to do it.

OMG ... My classmate gave me her password so I could check for her. That wimp lol. Just check it! :)

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