Took nclex rn on 7th of january 2009 still waiting



I took my exam on 7th of january but still waiting for my results....its 9th day now....i dont have my name on BRN website yet

i am in california........i know the result system is little bit slow in ca BUT i know some people who saw their name on website on 3rd day of their test...some people told me that if your results are delay then there r more chances of failure:bluecry1:

it was my first test shutt off at 75 Q i got lot of priority,infection,some med - surg,meds but no SATA (is it good sign sign) no med calculation..........and the Q were not really hard ......may be i used to that kind of Q ....when i left the center after exam i was really happy .........very possitive ......but now i am really worried........:(

i called BRN they said your results r not in yet it possible?

i already gave my SSN to BRN ........

my school send transcripts to BRN(i am graduated from INDIA) when they were processing my application, Do they need some more FINAL transcriptions....or thats it

is it normal not to have name on website after 10 days?DO all passed candidates get there name on website.......:confused:


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Never assume anything until you get the official results. The wait is the worst thing for any NCLEX taker, so just hang in there. While many have seen their name on the site on the 3rd day (me included ^^), there could be many reasons why your name hasn't appeared there yet. They say average is up to two weeks, so you still have 5 more days :).

suzanne4, RN

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Average wait time is three to ten days. And can take up to a month. Results are sent to Ca BRN by Pearson-Vue almost immediately after one tests. The issue is that the results then need to be placed in your file and then it is reviewed to make sure that it is complete by a human reviewer. Depends when on their desk that your file is and in what order with the others. Can be just the letter of your last name.

And did you have your SSN# on your application to the BRN or was it recently submitted?

We always tell everyone never to contact the BRN before a full two weeks are up, then to check to make sure that your file is complete.

All that take the test and pass it and have a SSN# will see their name on the website for the BRN. But never assume anything until you actually get your results from them or see your name on their site.

Best of luck to you.


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Hoping that you receive good news soon.


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be patient and keep the faith. i know some people who got there results in two weeks and longer. Just wait until you get the proof in your hand. I also took mines on jan. 14 and i still havent heard anything yet! Just stay positive!

yeah, goodluck with the results... ^_^

too bad california doesn't have a quick result.. waiting is so painful.. >.>

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