Took NCLEX-RN for 3rd time today

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I took my NCLEX-RN for the 3rd time today and I got all 265 questions and I am just super stressed. I live in Utah and I tried the trick and if it is true (it has only been 2 hrs since I finished my test) I failed again. I am trying to hold on to some hope that it is wrong and I truly did pass b/c I have read some posts on here about that happening....I have really bad test anxiety and I was started on some medication last week to help with it and it did but I dont know if it had enough time. If this happened to me again I will truly be devastated b/c I have tried so hard :crying2:

We are all pulling for you and are in the stand by mode to encourage you either way. To encourage you to be the best RN you can be or to encourage you to "exhale" and get back in the ring and not quit or give up. You went through the RN program and you will be an RN:).

Thanks so much! It is pretty discouraging since I did graduate with my BSN and had a 3.5 GPA all through nursing school. My test anxiety gets me really badly but the first 2 exams I just bombed b/c I was so stressed and I got on a beta-blocker to help with my anxiety and it def. seemed to help since I got 265 questions this time, I was able to relax a little more and calm down enough to keep myself together through the test. I am praying that Utah is just taking awhile for the results and that the PVT is wrong :(

Good luck with your official results.

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