Took NCLEX-RN for the 3rd Time!!

Nursing Students NCLEX


I took the NCLEX on Monday August 13th and did all 265 questions. That's right, ALL 265 QUESTIONS IN 5 HRS. 59 MIN!!

I had 67 select all that apply questions ( kept track with how much I got), 3 med calc questions, 2 ekgs, 5 drag and drops, and I believe the rest were multiple choice questions with pictures, exhibits, etc.

Found out yesterday on August 14th that I PASSEDDDDD!

I am overfilled with joy because this was my 3rd time taking it and I was stressed and frustrated for a long time and even considered choosing another career.

I used UWORLD, the Lacharity Book, and a 35 page study guide floating somewhere around here on but if you need it let me know! I feel like that is all you need to pass.

I recommend UWORLD 100% and the Lacharity "Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment" book. I did all 2100 questions along with the 2 self assessment tests on UWORLD but I only reviewed about a little over 1000 questions and read each of those rationales well. For Lacharity, I did all 21 chapters which was a total of 574 questions and reviewed each question whether right or wrong on that too.


UWORLD: my score was a 50% after completing all the questions. The tests I took ranged from 34%-65% The 1st self assessment test said I had a high chance of passing and the 2nd self assessment said I had a very high chance of passing.

LaCharity: I had an overall average score of 59% after completing all 21 chapters.

Moral of the story: don't look at your scores!! Every time I looked at mine I felt very discouraged. It's more about understanding each question and getting better at critical thinking.

I believe if you've passed nursing school YOU CAN pass the NCLEX. Don't ever give up and keep going for it.

Goodluck to all future NCLEX test takers out there!!

Congrats! I passed on my second time.

I originally used Uworld on the first attempt, but felt that I was missing the bigger picture.

Feeling defeated, I gave the LaCharity book a chance as well as Kaplan.

After reading LaCharity back and forth and supplementing with Kaplan, NCLEX just "made sense"

I passed at 93.

Congrats to you as well!! It was the other way around for me. I used Kaplan the 1st time and it didn't help me as much.

Do you still have that study guide by any chance? Taking the nclex for the second time around and trying to build a solid study plan. How did you tackle the Lacharity book? Did you go straight to answering questions in the case study or did you read the whole book?

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