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  1. bsnorbust

    Different school for MSN?

    Thank you very much for your valuable input. I haven’t considered this point of view but it makes sense. Interestingly enough a majority of my professors are graduates from my school and end up teaching there.
  2. bsnorbust

    Different school for MSN?

    Hi guys, I joined the forum before even starting nursing school and it has been a god send for support and motivation. I have since earned my ADN, BSN and school nurse certification. My ADN was through a community college and my BSN and certification at a top reputable brick and mortar university in my city. I am now a school nurse and looking to pursue my MSN (possibly even DNP) in the future. I have heard that it’s better to pursue a graduate degree at a different school than your undergrad degree. Is there any truth to this? I aM thinking of getting my MSN ED through WGU or any reputable school (still on the fence about WGU). Also considering Advanced Population Health Nursing DNP. My ultimate goal is to move up in lane within my district due to having another degree and see where it takes me in the future. any idea on whether the school matters or if it should be a different one then my alma matter?
  3. bsnorbust

    RN seeking NP & worried about GPA

    Hi! Graduated from my ADN this past spring and beginning my RN to BSN program. My question is how is GPA typically calculated for the NP programs? I've read many schools that say they look at the GPA from the last degree earned (BSN). How does this apply to me doing my RN to BSN? Would it just be these upcoming courses or is it also my courses from my ADN factored in? Is the GPA slate cleaned at this point and they typically take into consideration only my grades from these next 8 or so courses? My ADN GPA is 3.0 but my overall GPA is 2.78 from other pre-reqs and being in school before etc. Begining to think that my past mistakes will haunt my future dreams
  4. bsnorbust

    New grad overwhelmed!

    Hi guys! I have been a longtime reader of this forum even when i was only considering the idea of becoming an RN. The forum and success stories have been an inspiration during some tough times. Fast forward 3 years and I have graduated with my ADN May 2018. Awaiting to take my NCLEX early September. I went into nursing to become an NP. Currently, I am so so overwhelmed with the number of RN-BSN school options out there. And then there are also RN-NP? Oh my! My prof highly recommends WGU. I like the idea because of affordability and possibly finishing quicker but not sure if I love the idea of a max gpa of 3.0. Then again, I came out of nursing school with a 3.0 and was lucky for it! How did you go about choosing an RN to BSN school? Are programs easier than the ADN? Scared for my GPA for graduate school as well.
  5. bsnorbust

    Future new grad moving to Tulsa

    Hi guys! So I am currently a nursing student from Chicago that will hopefully be graduating Spring 2018. I recently got engaged and will be married after graduation and move to Tulsa. I plan to start an online BSN program Fall 2018 but want to work as a new RN at the same time. Problem is I have no idea how the Tulsa new grad job market is like. I did some research on pay and it seems that new grads are looking at $25/hr? Does this sound about right? I don't know where to start in regards to learning more about job availability and what the different hospitals are like. For example, in Chicago, I know the job market and the reputation of certain hospitals (magnet status etc.) I'm currently a PCT at a well-respected magnet hospital in Chicago and hate to leave -Can anybody tell me about the job market for new grads in Tulsa? -Does the pay sound about right? -What are some of the better hospitals to work for in the Tulsa area (40 mile radius or so) Any input helps!