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Making the switch: please help me choose!


I am currently switching to school nursing after being in primary care for a year. I will also be hopefully starting my CSN program in the fall.

Currently I have one offer from a staffing agency that pays hourly (higher than expected which is great!) and at a charter school. They have expressed me being hired directly, possibly as a CSN when I'm done, after the school year. I am also waiting to hear back from the school district that I applied directly to. I expect a reply in 7-10 days. This would be my major city school system and is salary based, I think it comes out to lower when calculated hourly. The benefit would be stability, growth, pension etc. I am having a hard time choosing.

At this point the only of working with the agency is the higher hourly rate. With this said, because I get paid per hour, the yearly salary is actually lower than the school district option. Also the district would be helping with tuition for the CSN program. My thoughts are that I could always reapply to the district with a year experience and now as a CSN by next year.

Do I wait until I hear back from the school district position? If so, is it OK to tell this to my recruiter? How would I even phrase that?

Any input is appreciated and any pros/cons comparing working for the district directly or the agency.