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So I took my NCLEX this morning. It took 96 questions and I ended with a question that I know for sure I got right. Then the screen went blank. Does that mean anything- if I end with a question that I got right? Oh gosh the anxiety is killing me....!


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Sadly, it doesn't mean anything if you get the last question right or wrong. Hang in there though! 85% of people pass the NCLEX so the odds are on your side!

Some have found the Pearson Vue trick helpful in easing the anxiety a bit.


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Good luck!


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try the pv trick

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Doesn't mean anything and this exam is so hard to predict. Hang in here and good luck


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I took the exam 5x and my most recent one was Wednesday and I passed. I never felt good about it when I left, but Wednesday, I called and told everyone I thought I passed. I was really confident. Most of the time I got stopped at 75, this time it went on. As long as it gives you questions, it's giving you a chance. I was sure of the last two questions I got, but actually started to doubt myself. What if I really didn't read the question right, what if I meant to click one answer but did another. I was a mess. But I passed. I hope it's a good sign for you too. Keep us posted. :)

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