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I took my NCLEX yesterday and I felt like I didn't know a single question on this exam. I had around 19-20 SATA, had a lot of OB questions, no calculation problems, 2 drag and drop questions. I know I had to fail this exam. I feel so horrible! Either I did really well or really bad! I hope that I did ok! Does this sound like I passed or failed? I feel like since I had quite a few SATA question that would mean I am doing ok.

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You can pass or fail, very hard to predict. Good luck

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How well did you do in school and did the school have a high Nclex pass rate?

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The only thing you can glean from having the computer shut off at 75 is that you were either consistently above or below the pass/fail line for the entire duration of the exam and the computer had gathered enough information that it only needed to ask you 75 questions to determine pass or fail. The fact that you thought the exam was hard only means that the computer found the limit of your knowledge/ability for that particular day and was pushing that limit.

Kick back, relax a bit and wait. If you're really worried about pass/fail and you're in a state that allows quick results, you can pay the $8 (I think that's what they charge) and find out. Or you can start looking on your state's website for a license number. I'm in California... amazingly enough, I had my license number in-hand about 35 hours after I finished the exam. We don't have "quick results" here. A classmate that took the exam at the same time also got her license number at the same time I did. We're probably not the usual cases but sometimes it's a good idea to look yourself up a couple days after submitting the exam before even trying the "quick results" method if available.

The PVT does work but it's also very risky to your wallet. It's also not guaranteed as it's only accurate after your exam has been scored for the 2nd (and definitive) time and they don't tell us when they actually do that so you have no idea when to do the PVT. The PVT from several years ago didn't put your wallet at risk but they caught on and changed things around. Now you really do put $200 at risk each and every time you try it. I don't recommend doing that unless you have LOTS of money to throw away and even then I don't recommend it.

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