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Took Kaplan QT 7 and that was hard!!


I have less than a week =(

Got a 57% on it. lowest grade on adaptation/coping and growth and developmental at 48% a piece

I'm so nervous. I literally guessed in 50% of the questions, some of the ones I was sure of was wrong. I was also nervous as I was taking the test because I was only allotted 4 hours and 20 minutes to take 265Q

What are my chances of passing guys? It's my 2nd time taking the test and was stopped at 140 my first time around (near passing in all and 1 above)

Hi okay deep breath I hope you didn't review the rationales. If you did NOt I suggest you just review content for about 2 hours then take an hour break and then go back and repeat qt7 you began to guess bc the 6 hours makes you do that! It's just like c'mon hurry up already so don't fret

The grade you got isn't terrific so repeat it see how you do if it's still below let's say 57-58 review it and then take another 265 question test which you can find in the nclex Kaplan premier book and just go to b&n take the test and grade yourself

Ps the books give you direction to how to get a feee version of the book onlkne hint hint

As funnynurse said, review rationales. Also focus on your weaknesses.

My scores were not dissimilar. Diag was 55. qtrainers were high 50s to high 60s, Readiness was 67. The alt questions were 32 and 89. qbank average was 58. I was nervous too, so I called Kaplan to get the diag unlocked so I could take it again. Got a 78. They won't charge and I strongly suggest you do that. If you get under a 60 the second time you want to postpone the test.

Remember that NCLEX expects you to miss about half of the questions.