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Well, I took my ADN III final on Friday. 3/4's of the way there (I hope). We were told that grades won't be available until Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon (if it snows) and I'm ready to jump out of my skin -- and it's only Sunday afternoon!! I've been trying to relax, but it's always on the back of my mind. Plus, I just checked the weather report and it IS supposed to snow here (Westcher County, NY) tonight/tomorrow. Uuugh! I would think that with technology today, grades would be quicker to post. :confused: Well, just needed to vent - thanks for the opportunity. Have a great afternoon, everyone!


Good Luck on finding out what you made on your test...


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I finalled (if that's how you spell it) with a B! Who-hooooo :balloons: :) :balloons: :)


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I have my fingers crossed for you. Waiting is the absolute worst. Our Nursing 111 final was on the 13th and thank goodness we got our grades on the campus website on the 14th. Those were the longest 24 hours ever, i can't imagine what kind of shape I'll be in waiting for my NCLEX results. I ran two red lights on the way home from my nursing final because I was so mentally drained. Thank goodness there wasn't a cop around. I can hear myself now, "Oh I'm sorry officer, I just took my nursing final and my brain is fried I'm not drunk".

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I finalled (if that's how you spell it) with a B! Who-hooooo :balloons: :) :balloons: :)

Way to go!

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Great job! Have a great Holiday!!

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