Too young for nursing school?


I am still 18, and I will graduate with my associates degree in the summer. I have applied to nursing school, passed my TEAS and now I'm just waiting to hear back from my dream school! My question is: am I too young to be successful in nursing school? I have taken six classes the past two semesters, kept up my 4.0 gpa, and I consider myself extremely dedicated to my studies. However, the youngest person that I know that has graduated from nursing school was more than a year older than me. Will my age be a deterrent for getting accepted to the NS program?

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I think succeeding in nursing school takes a combination of responsibility and maturity. If you feel you can handle than definitely apply! Nursing schools don't care much about age so much as grades and test scores for acceptance.

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No, it won't be a deterrent. There are plenty of women who have entered nursing school at 18 and have done just fine.

Just realize a couple of things. One, most people will be older than you especially if you do an ASN at a cc. If you are applying to a BSN program that will probably not be the case. Two, the program itself is much harder than the prereqs. Make sure you can juggle that with the normal teenage partying, friendships, and dating. It's no big deal if you realize going into it what the score is. But a lot of people don't and then get overwhelmed and either quit or flunk out the first semester.

Good luck!!!


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Well I've never heard this one before. Heck no! Go for it and give it all you got!


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I turned 19 just weeks before I started my BSN program. As long as you won't be bothered by people calling you the "baby" of the class (jokingly) you'll be fine.


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I'm 20 and will be graduating with my BSN in May...just before my 21st birthday in June [emoji1]

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I had a 17 yo in our AA program (1st semester), did all her prereqs while in the HS honors/dual program. She is now a colleague in my hosp dept and an excellent nurse.


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I was a teenage LPN & finished ADN RN at 21. Had a student graduate at 20 with her BSN, graduated high school at 17 & took summer classes. Stay focused but enjoy your college experience.


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Absolutely not too young, no such thing !!! I got accepted into my BSN program when I was still a senior in high school at 17. Now here I am in my junior year of nursing school. Never say never