when is TOO soon to start studying

Nursing Students NCLEX


for NCLEX-LPN or RN?Dont think im nerdy...lol.I hope to start LPN program this coming january.There are some study guides at my library.Is it dumb/pointless to begin looking at the test questions yet?

Proly...hahah...BUT I thought maybe you all would have a good idea for a time table to start studying for the test and getting an idea of just what you are tested on

Look at your school program as the starting point of your NCLEX study. Unlike most course content, you are expected to be able to retain and apply nursing course material. You can't just forget everything the day after you take a final exam. Keep this in mind as you progress. Plan regular review of material that is more than your regular study for the course.

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I set up a study schedule for each system and studied it for one full week. I would do that for each system and also review the previous materials. I made notecards of terms and labs so I could review them whenever I was bored or riding the bus or waiting somewhere. I started to do all this 4 months before the exam. That way I could review my material.

I would also suggest getting an NCLEX Saunders 5000 question and answer book and practice questions out of that. I felt like that was really helpful.

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