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Too early for review course?


Hello everyone. I am graduating with my BSN in December and I have an ATI exit exam that I must pass in order to graduate. I was thinking that I should take a review course before my exit exam in order to be ready for it and also to begin studying for the nclex in order to take it as early as possible. Do you guys think that taking a review course such as Kaplan or Hurst (which I'm leaning towards) would be beneficial in the sense that I would be ready for the nclex right after I graduate? Or is it too early. My fear is also that this semester is really tough and we have a lot of assignments due. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you

For my school I had to take a Kaplan exit exam and if I didn't pass then I had to pay for an ATI online review course. I was so worried about passing that exit exam that I took all of the q trainer questions in Kaplan. It ended up working out well since I passed the exit exam. On the other hand I had to wait about two months before I was able to get my ATT, so I was sorta wishing I hadn't used up all of my q bank so soon. I would find out how quickly you can take NCLEX after graduating. Like I said, for me I had to wait 2 months for my official transcripts. Nursing school is pretty stressful, and the last semester was probably one of the hardest because you have your classes plus lots of clinicals. If I were you I would probably wait until after you graduate and then take a review course soon after. I took a week and a half break from studying and anything school after graduating and I am glad that I did. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply. I think I will wait until I finish everything. I do have the exit exam to study for anyways so that should help with nclex

i think you should wait...

in the mean time

if you type into google ATI review or

ATI practice exit exam

youll see alot!

and also quizlet.com has alot of ATI flashcards i used it during school!