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To those of you who pray....please say a prayer for me ( and everyone else taking their NCLEX) today. I test @ 2pm and I AM so nervous, I cant even see straight. I have studied and done questions but I feel like its all starting to run together...the only confidence I have is knowing that God is w/ me. Thank you to this site and everyone on here who continues to be so supportive! God Bless, and good luck to everyone!!!


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I will lift you up in prayer!


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Good luck to you and prayers sent your way!


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It's 2:16PM..Prayers for you!:dncgcpd:


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my prayers are with you and everyone taking the nclex. I took mine on thursday and just got my quick results I PASSED:yeah: would never have done it with out the grace of God, I just kept praying while taking it for Him to guide me to the right answer, I felt I was guessing at most of them, was only a couple I knew for sure. Two other girls from my class took it the same time and they passed too!!! Yeah for us. Good luck and God Bless and believe, He will see you through!!!!:heartbeat

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Prayers sent :) Best of luck!


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Thanks everyone!!!

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