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To Those Educators That Care


A thank you to those professors, clinical instructors, registered nurses, and preceptors who take the time to instruct nursing students. Who actually teach and strive to be better. To those who ensure we get hands on clinical experience and test our knowledge. For those who believe in us more than we do.

To Those Educators That Care

So reading around in allnurses made me feel a lot better. I am in my third semester of nursing school and from day one have felt not many of my professors care about my learning experience. Education nowadays is not what it used to be: it's become a money making machine for the universities. I am digressing now. That topic can be ranted upon for hours.

What I want to write is a THANK YOU. A thank you to all those professors who ask them self "How can I improve my teaching capabilities" or those preceptors who spend the extra time to explain to us how certain protocols/ procedures are.

Today in clinicals my current professor was saying she is leaving education because she realizes how its changed and all about money rather than helping students out. All I could think to myself "Oh, great there goes the one of the few professors who actually pushes and helps us to learn". I told her that she should start a nursing school because I'd attend.

It's a shame, as an educator you have the ability to impact the future of nursing but if nursing school is just like being back in high school and middle were the focus is only to pass the NCLEX our FCAT, are we actually learning to the utmost fullest potential?

Why stop at just the basic concepts to pass the NCLEX??

So here's to you, all you educators out there who never get a thank you, who have actually have had some students complain about their harshness when yes maybe you did push them too much but HEY AT LEAST YOU ACTUALLY PUSHED THEM. Because as much as I hate to say you were probably the first to tap their shoulder all this time.

You were not the wrong ones, they are.

They need to realize that if by the 5th semester of nursing that they can't answer basic nursing questions that they should take advantage of the knowledge most of you are willing to share and admit to their wrongdoing.

Here's to you for answering emails/ phones calls at odd hours of the day. For listening to our concerns and not calling us babies or immature because we know we are paying for education and expect to be educated. For standing up against your fellow colleagues when they tell you that you baby us too much.

Because you aren't.

You are doing your job and making a difference. You are earning our respect and will forever impact our nursing careers.

So please do not quit. There are nursing students who appreciate you. Though they may not say. Do not allow the future of nursing schools to succumb to this chaotic, money sucking machine, full of professors who do not give a flying flip about their student's education.

MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and keep it up.

And above all thank you. You mean the world to us.


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here, here! I agree! Thank you to all the nursing educators that go above and beyond! also, sorry to hear your professor is quitting :(

Just_Kidney, ADN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Nephrology. Has 6 years experience.

I have had one really amazing class instructor and a couple of fabulous instructors for clinicals (in my experience clinical instructors have been better because they're mostly doing it part time and are not so caught up in school politics). I owe them so much. The really great classroom instructor was also my CNA instructor and pretty much everything I know about basic patient care I learned from here. Having a solid foundation is key.


Specializes in ER, ICU, Education. Has 15 years experience.

What a kind post! Glad to know we make a difference!


Specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty. Has 45 years experience.

Thanks for writing this, DeepBreath! I'm especially thankful for educators who post advice and support here. That alone puts them in the category of extraordinary.


Specializes in Tele, Stepdown, Med/Surg, education. Has 10 years experience.

Thank you. After my last teaching experience I needed that. :-)