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  1. DeepBreath

    HESI Exit in less than 2 weeks

    and I cannot do anymore questions, this past week I have been doing lik 100 a day and my mind is all ahdka. I feel like I should stop doing practice questions because I am making a lot of silly mistakes that I would not normally. Did anyone else or does anyone else feel this way? I think I am going to go over the HESI book one more time and go over study guides posted here and maybe 3 days before the exam do like 150 practice test just to get in the mode and definitely the day before do not do anything but go over labs. Any one else do the same? or should I keep on doing questions? We need a 900 to pass and the first attempt back in feb I was at an 893..
  2. DeepBreath

    The FIT Nurse

    Her ability to be a nurse isnt what is talking about. Rather the importance of maintaining your own health.
  3. So as title states, I will be a new grad RN this summer and I am willing to move anywhere!! for an ICU position. Does anyone have any information on geographical areas in which this would be more likely to happen? I plan to apply all up and down my state as well. Thank you.
  4. DeepBreath

    New Grad Medical Missions

    Hello all, I was possibly thinking of applying to do a medical missions trip during this summer, ideally right after I get licensed? I have been searching on the internet but a lot of the ones I run into are more at least 9 months or more commitment and I need something shorter than a month. I would like to do a medically centered trip to virtually any location (as long as its not dangerous). Does any one happen to have advice on a good company to do this with? or is it a good idea to go aboard as a new nurse?
  5. DeepBreath

    Mental Health HESI / Psych HESI

    Hello, Please, any advice you have for this exam will be really helpful! I will be taking it soon. Please be truthful, do you feel like the HESI book helped for it? What to focus on?
  6. DeepBreath

    Don't Let Nursing Job Resumes Intimidate You

    Great article, thank you so much for your post! I have a question, should a new graduate list their nursing school clinical experience by speciatly under education or is it not necessary since clinical experience tends to be standardized?
  7. So growing up, I was always naturally shy. It has taken a lot of me to break out of my shell and become better at communication. I am pretty darn functional now and this old habit won't hinder my nursing career. But, there is still something that I have been pushing myself to do since before nursing school: smile more. Smile. smile at strangers, smile at a dog, smile at yourself in the mirror, just smile. smile at the cashier, smile at the custodian, smiling can really make a difference. Since I have been in nursing school, I have meet people who naturally smile all the time. Seeing them do this, has inspired me to do so as well. I feel like its getting easier but like with everything, it takes time. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
  8. DeepBreath

    Making an Impression

    no pming me as well? or posting advice on this forum for everyone to see? lol
  9. DeepBreath

    Should I go to pinning?

    I disagree, with your post. Its not that black and white. Just become one doesnt want to attend pinning ceremony it doesnt necessarily mean they dont feel a calling into nursing. Maybe they dont identify their achievements with an outdated oath and a minute pin.
  10. DeepBreath

    Should I go to pinning?

    So i am confused do you identify yourself with the pragmatist nurse? Because on an earlier post you stated you only went b/c your director of nursing wanted you guys to go and it was political
  11. DeepBreath

    The Irony of Nursing

    MY POINT EXACTLY! thank you.
  12. DeepBreath

    Should I go to pinning?

    Hey all, I am debating if whether or not I should go its about $150 to attend and only 4 fam members can come. So either my bro, grandma or bf cant go from the 3 cuz my parents are definitely going. and i absolutely feel as though my school is hasn't been encouraging throughout the program. faculty members will be pinning us. the pins are going to be ugly... I have many acquaintances but dont really care to go. I feel like I answered my own question but what do you guys suggest?
  13. DeepBreath

    Student Nurse to CNA

    okay thank you!
  14. DeepBreath

    Student Nurse to CNA

    Hello all! Just wanted some clarification on how to obtain a position as a CNA. I have completed fundamentals already and started to apply to hospitals but noticed a lot of them say "need CNA certificate".. I feel like that applies to me so would I need to take a course, which I think I wouldnt need too from what I have been told, or should I like petition the course or something.... Not sure what I am supposed to do...
  15. DeepBreath

    The Irony of Nursing

    Btw I should also note I had no idea what a PA or NP was when i switched my major from bio to pre-nursing. I knew nothing about healthcare positions. So i chose nursing because I knew I wanted to help people and pay didnt matter to me. It was a safety net in a way, but probably one of the best decisions I have ever made, but honestly the lack of respect/ professionalism that I seem to face just shows me how not to be a nurse. This is were I wanted/ want to be. So just constructive criticism back your way, please do not assume that if a nursing student tells you they want to become an NP or CRNA do not think its for the money or for the status. Because, while yes that may be true for some, but not for all. Exhibit A: ME. I wrote this OP really heated and pent up on frustration because as stated previously, I don't have a mentor/ someone who understands me in real life. But I do have friends, family and a boyfriend. They just dont get it and I don't bother vocalizing. I feel better now but kind of regret this post at the same time.
  16. DeepBreath

    The Irony of Nursing

    Thank you for your post! I respect and will keep in mind all the things you said. Its not even the support part thats lacking that bothers me. It's the obvious lack of effort my professors/ program shows in teaching us. Patho, pharm were both online, Med surge 1 & 2 were both taught by a professor who mainly emphasised on patho. I totally get why she would talk about patho because a strong patho background can really make a difference but once we hit that med surge phase and patho already passed but I think its time to learn nursing interventions. Our class had to teach our self med surge to our self. The other online classes were completely self taught. No online lectures, etc. Now if anything this program has really taught me how to self teach myself. To rely on myself. That I am so much smarter than I thought I was. For that I am actually truly happy. But I kind of feel like I pay my university to hand me exams/ grades and eventually, hopefully a degree!. Lol funny you mention medical school, because tell you the truth, was my initial intentions. But I, as well as you, will be the first of my family to obtain a Bachelor's degree. Going down the medical school route and messing up was not an option for me. But I knew I wanted to help people. So I chose nursing. Turns out, I actually really like nursing, its so much more hands on and you really get to know your patients/ be actual support ( not saying drs dont but nursing definitely takes the crown on that one). BTW, I actually dont think a BSN title is more reputable than a ASN. It is all dependent on the person. Heck I expect all the experienced ASN (heck even the CNAs) people to know way more than me as a new grad if they have more exp. and even a new grad ASN vs BSN from my understanding its practically the same. I plan to seek a post bachelors education for the same reasons you mentioned. To be challenged and learn more. I like learning medical/ nursing stuff. It interests me. I also like helping people. So healthcare career seems to be my niche. Funny you mention also how CRNA is considered a high status. I initially was interested in CRNA before I knew how much they were paid. Also, I dont think NP and MD school can be compared. It takes like 10 years to go to finish medical school. Going the NP route will give you a lot of clinical exp that you can apply to graduate education to help you understand things more in depth. Also, have the compassionate, holistic nursing approach with the science background. Both rigours but different aspects.. Thanks for your post!