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To PMHNP or to not PMHNP

Specializes in Psych.

I went into nursing to specifically pursue psych nursing. I love it, it's rewarding, always super interesting to me. I know it is hard and not for everyone, there was a reason I left after 3 years. After changing to med/surg I think about applying to a PMHNP at least a few days a week. I've done inpatient, clinic and case management. I liked case management a lot just because there was more patient interaction, working to solve more deeply complex issues vs more acute settings. However, I have doubts that it's the right fit, which seems normal?

I went to a private school for BSN, stupid debt, not sure if I can financially swing a new degree or justify it. My spouse has 100k in loans too.

What if I can't take the emotional toll, am I smart enough to get the degree, would I be good at it, trying to get pregnant now but can't really wait on either, unsure about family support? I did have a 3.8 GPA during school, maybe I just lack the confidence?

But what if it changes my life, patient's lives and I love it? Any suggestions or resources would be appreciated, including schools 🙂 Did you have a "lightbulb" moment when you decided? Sorry for the stream of consciousness, my brain couldn't contain it anymore. Thanks in advance!


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