To those in a full time lvn program, how much time do you study?

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On average how much time do you spend after school studying and doing homework? I am a little bit worried that I wont have enough time to study after school because I have a 5 month old son. I have always been pretty good in school (A's and B's) So I hope I can continue that so that I dont end up remediating every week and being dropped from the program.

I took 18credit hours or 4 classes at college and studied less than i do now.I'm not going to say it's easy but we've only lost 6 students in the first term and the second is about to start. You study alot but i've found that i have class four days aweek and normally three tests aweek. I read all my notes everyday and study late on the week ends plus don't forget we have study groups on test days before school and trust me this is the key teamwork with classmates.

You will loose alot of free time now but worth it in the long run. Good Luck if you want it bad enough you can do it.

Thank you for the reply

I try to study for about 5 hours everyday. Its been paying up because I've managed to keep and average of higher 80s. I graduate next month

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on average how much time do you spend after school studying and doing homework? i am a little bit worried that i wont have enough time to study after school because i have a 5 month old son. i have always been pretty good in school (a's and b's) so i hope i can continue that so that i dont end up remediating every week and being dropped from the program.

you pretty much know what kind of a learner you are because you were getting as and bs before. do the same way and see if it works out for you in nursing school. i was working full-time for my full-time mon-fri lpn program and i worked full-time lpn for my rn program as well. so it can be done. although i don't have a kid so my situation is a little bit different but you do what you must to be successful in nursing school. good luck future nurse!!

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I'm a single mom. Classes are full-time Monday to Friday. We can have two exams a day. (i.e. A&P Ch 5 & Med/Surg Ch 15 on Monday, test on each the next class day). I do preread the material before class, I highlight in my text during the lecture and take notes. I complete my workbook after lecture (30-60 min depending on subject). Some subjects I have more "experience" than others, for example burns & pressure ulcers I have a pretty good knowledge base so I didn't have to study as much, but AIDS related complications I didn't know much about (aside from demographics) and I studied a LOT more.

75 is passing, 74 is failing. My average is in the high 90's. I have found what works for my learning needs & style. What works for me may not work for someone else.

I am happy to be in a full time 5-day a week program, it's working for me. Others may prefer a part time school schedule.

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Well I find myself studying 3-4 hours a night although I'm only taking two classes (NSG Fundamentals and Drug Cal). But, I'm in school M-TH, I've kind of figured my instructors routine (pop quiz on Mondays test on Wednesday) so most of the time I'm pretty prepared. Sometimes it's not that easy for me to study being a mother of two (7 year old and 18 month old). It's doable I have a classmate that's a single mother of three and works over night and she is maintaining a B+ average.

So just like anything you do in life, you get out only what you put in.

Good Luck On Your New Journey;)

I'm in the first semester of the LPN program. I have a 3 year old daughter.

You're all probably going to hate me for saying this, but I don't really STUDY. I do my homework and that's about it. I have 4 classes: Foundations of Nursing (skills lab and lecture - this is the major class); Math and Meds (precursor to Pharm - teaches how to calculate precise dosages and teaches about major classes of meds); Practical Nursing I (clinicals and lecture - this is a major class too); and Professional Topics (learn more about the nursing process and research - write a lot of papers).

Like I said, I don't really study unless the topic is something that I don't understand as well. The only test I studied for so far has been for Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base balance. I have a 92% in foundations, 97% in math and meds, 100% in pro topics, and we start Practical Nursing next week. With all the homework we have to do, if I spent more time studying I would be up until 2 am and class is at 7 so that's not a good idea. Luckily, the homework helps me to remember what I've learned. I've also figured out fast tricks that help me remember things - mneumonics. I like the ones that rhyme or spell out words. You can even buy books or cards that have memory tricks on them at Barnes and Noble. I've even made up a few of my own because I couldn't find any that worked. Some people in my class record the lectures and listen to them like a book on tape. The trick is to find out what works for you. I've never been a study person and I've had straight A's for the past 2 years with all my prereqs. Some people like to rewrite or retype their notes over and over. I do most of my work when my daughter is sleeping.

You might also considering putting your son in daycare a little longer so that you have more time to study. My daughter is in preschool from 8am to 1pm and I have felt guilty about not spending as much time with her. But just remember that this is not just for you, it's for your family. After you finish school and pass the boards, you will have great job security and you will have better financial security as well. You will also be a happier and more fulfilled person which will in turn make your family life happier as well.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the replies. I hope that just doing homework will work for me. Luckily my son will not be at daycare because my parents will be watching him. With careful planning I see that even if I have to study 3-4 hours it wont be that bad amd I will still have a few hours to spend with my son.

I try to study for about 5 hours everyday. Its been paying up because I've managed to keep and average of higher 80s. I graduate next month

Congrats to you!

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my school is monday-friday 7:30-2:30 and I work 3 of those nights 4-10. So to me, I find studying time when I can fit it in. Usually I will study during lunch (1 hr) and if I have time at night (1 hr). I have learned that when I keep writing things and make notes and notecards I absorb the info really easy. Once you find out the way you learn things best its a lot easier.

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I usually study 2-4 hrs a night, depending on what we have going on the next day. We have 3 tests a week and at least 1-2 quizzes per day. It's pretty brutal but it's paying off! We started with 29 students and 6 weeks later we have 19. There are many young girls in my class with little ones, so I know it can be done! Good luck!!!:up:

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