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To attend or not attend?

I got accepted to a rather expensive nursing school, but a very good one! I am trying to think through whether I should go ahead and attend and pay the big bucks or roll the dice hoping to get accepted to another less expensive school next winter or fall? Of course there is no guarantee that I would get accepted to another school since it is rather competitive to get in these days.

I am 50 and in great shape, work out everyday, eat right, etc. No family, not married, no kids...

Just wondering what others think about this questions....

roser13, ASN, RN

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It really depends upon what "rather expensive" means. Can you pay for any of the expenses or will you take out loans?

I personally would not be willing to take out anything more than a few thousand dollars in loans for a nursing education. There was another thread the other day talking about incurring life-long debts for a career that currrently has an overflow of candidates for most every position that is posted. There is NO nursing shortage and tons of new grads search for many months, sometimes a year or more, for their first job.

Take a look at this thread:


traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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Not to sound rude but, what does you being fit and working out everyday have to do with nursing school? That's probably going to stop once to start school and clinicals. Anyway, I would pass on the expensive school and go else where. The last thing you would want, is to be paying back a lot in student loans with your new nursing salary (assuming you are taking out loans). I'm sure you will be able to get accepted into a really good school with a cheaper price tag.


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