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To those who answered my "Need advice, I'm scared" thread


Today I am 20w/2 days. I had the amnio done at Univ. CA in San Francisco (WONDERFUL people!) and got the results two days ago. The sono shows everything growing right where they belong and the way they're supposed to, and the amnio was fine...no problems foreseen. The doc who did the amnio was very encouraging, he told me that as far as he could tell there's no reason why I shouldn't have a healthy baby.

The people at the genetics clinic also gave me a phone number to the California Teratogen Service, which will look up all medications and tell you how it might affect the fetus. They have way more info than the PDR or even the drug reps, and they told me I pretty much have nothing to worry about as far as the Lipitor.

SO....come February we will be welcoming a new little one around here, and now I can relax and enjoy this pregnancy! Thanks so much to all those who responded and encouraged me; you did a lot to relieve some of my fears.:kiss


Has 20 years experience.

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!


VERY happy for you! Now ENJOY your pregnancy!

I'm so happy for you! By the way, how was the amnio? Was there alot of discomfort? How long did the procedure take?:)

The amnio wasn't too bad, but it's not something I would want to repeat if I had a choice! The doc warned me that I would cramp when the needle went through the uterine wall, but it only lasted a couple of seconds until it was all the way through. And then there was some unexpected discomfort when the baby moved the wrong way and he had to quickly move the needle out of its way...felt like he was rearranging my insides. Both parts were uncomfortable but they were momentary. The whole visit took about 90 minutes; the actual amnio took about 20, from when he started with the sono and ending when he withdrew the needle.

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