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Ok I need some advice. I am fed up with the hospital politics. I am thinking about traveling but I have no experience in this area. Seems like it would be a better alternative than going to the same place month after month, day after day. Any advice???? Also, I had a company by the name of Travel Nurse Solutions contact me. Anyone ever heard of them? Please give me the good and the bad. Counting on my fellow nurses here.:)

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Please by no means allow yourself to think that you won't deal with the politics of the hospital as a travel nurse. As an agency nurse, you'll now become the outsider. This isn't true in all situations. However, some staff will not like you b/c you're paid more than them. The charge nurses will often give you the worst assignment b/c you're paid more than them. If someone has to float, it'll be you. When you float, you'll be given the worst assignment b/c you're paid more than them. I'm saying this as someone who works full-time as staff at a hospital and works per-diem as an agency nurse (not the travel section). As a per-diem nurse, I chose the days I work, can cancel my shifts when I want...total freedom...no contracts. As a travel nurse, the hospital you're contracted to will tell you the days that you work, unless you specify in your contract days you will or will not work (which you may not always be able to do). If you want to travel and see different places and get paid to do it, then try travel nursing to see how you like it. I personally like the per-diem side of the agency thing. I work per-diem agency once to twice a month if I feel like it. I'm only required to work one shift every 90 days. The travelers will be able to give you more insider information than I can. Also if you contract with a hospital that you like and decide you want to become a permanent employee there, you may end up owing your travel agency a ton of money for the breach of contract.However, my advice is to not wear rose colored glasses thinking that you'll escape the drama as a travel nurse...the difference will be that you probably won't care as much even if you're caught up in it b/c you'll be leaving when your contract is done...this is also the reason that you'll typically get the worst assignments. Also b/c the staff had their turn yesterday. My advice is to work for a travel agency as a per-diem nurse first to see how you like it. Then decide if you want to travel. Personally, after working as an agency nurse for over a year...I decided that I rather deal with the politics of one facility vs. many facilities...but I always have a 2nd job waiting for me as a per-diem agency nurse which is nice as well.

I appreciate the feedback. What you are saying makes sense. Maybe I should look at the per diem route as well. Any suggestions on who to use. There is like 1000 of them.

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Hi. I think it depends on if you have a traveler friendly hospital or not. I've heard bad stories, but I've also heard good stories. I actually just started travel nursing and my agency told me that it was traveler friendly and I was like, "great." So far it's been really good. I am treated fairly and everyone is super nice. I know someone who has worked for the same agency I do for 5 years and she said they always put her at good hospitals for travelers and she has never had a problem. I also worked per diem nursing and loved that as well. Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do.:)

Can you suggest someone to me?:)

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Politics do not go away when you are a travel nurse. Travel nursing is hard work and can be very lonely. With almost no orientation the travel nurse is expected to jump right in and do everything without help. If you work 12 hrs as a traveler, be prepared to do many twelves in a row before you get time off. You don't get paid for being sick or having a vacation. In twelve hours you may float twice, you might have to be break relief, you might have to be the stat nurse. There is a lot of politics in this job. Travel sucks--avoid any Kaiser's.

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You also may be a strike-breaker; that's a whole 'nother can of worms.

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I traveled with Travel Nurse Solutions... I LOVED them. I worked with a few other agencies as well, but always went back to them. They are quick to respond, they pay well compared to other companies as well.

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What you really mean is you are fed up with the politics of the workplace. If you are going to work with people its the same no matter where to work or what you do. I loved working as a agency nurse because I didn't get wrapped up in that. Other posters have noted though, that as the outsider you can be used as a dirty sponge to clean up messes. But, at least you don't have to deal with the politics, and you get a lot of variety in your workplace which works for me. Just depends on what works for you.

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