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Please Note: This Post has been deleted, it was a pyramid scam.

Thanks to those who pointed this scam out smile.gif As moderator of this very active BB, I try to catch all the junk that is posted, but some post still slip through the cracks and get through my radar frown.gif



[This message has been edited by bshort (edited April 06, 2001).]

[This message has been edited by bshort (edited April 06, 2001).]

I think I'll stick to my motto-"If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!" NO THANK YOU.

Oh, good, chain letters and pyramid schemes. Just what I come to a professional bulletin board for.

I'm also interested in changing my long distance phone carrier. Can anyone here help me with that?

It seems that somehow this board's address has gotten sold on a list because this is the second posting like this in a week. Perhaps these folks should be enlightened that chain letters are illegal in many states and they are breaking the law. And besides this a a board about nursing, not "get rich quick" schemes that don't work anyways. Enough already!

Where are the BB moderators? I'm pretty sure that the suggestion is illegal -- I know it is via the postal service -- most likely it is over the internet. Please look into this -- we don't need "get rich schemes" on this BB. Thanks.

Hi colleagues. You all had a choice to not respond to this post, but you took it upon yourself to stand up for your beliefs or your profession. Congratulations! You may have done someone else a favor. It shouldn't surprise you that we're getting these posts in response to posts on this bb

You know what?? We are a bunch of nurses. We work our butts off for way less than we are worth.......do we sound like people who generally take part in get rich schemes..?

This post really got my dander up so I decided to carry me feelings a little farther and take some action. This board represents a lot of hard working people, who break their backs and have their spirit tried and tested on a daily basis. We found out a long time ago that you "don't get anything for nothing" and I truly resent this post. So, be advised, any further postings like this will be passed on to the appropriate website to take action against the person which posts. This is not legal and this is not the place to be peddling your bull. If you doubt the legal aspect, check out the following website.



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