Tired of NCLEX REVIEW and 3 times Failed.

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I am a registered in my country for almost 2 decades.

I passed my nursing board there, one time. Which you have to get 75% in total to pass. Where it will be 2 days, you have to answer 500 items in 5 categories.
Now, I took NCLEX here at the USA, failed 3  times in Florida.

I am so lost, please help... I feel sad everyday.

How to bounce back again?

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I hear you. I went to school in Eastern Europe and worked there as a nurse for 9 years. When I came to the USA I did not have an opportunity to take Enclex right away and it took more than 4 years got to go through the process of accreditation ( CGFNS), extra classes, etc. Long story short I seat to Enclex after 20 years of being out of nursing school. It was a challenge to self-study through the whole RN program by myself. But I passed it for  1 st time on 90 questions. It took me 4 to 5 months to study at my own pace.  Look at your study plan? What is missing? try different programs. I used Kaplan (expensive) and a few others. I believe the Board of nursing also offers some practice questions for a fee ( 1 month, 3 months, etc) I don't like to read books but took a LOT of Enclex-style Practice questions ..Probably 4or 5 thousand. I also used a podcast while driving to work to refresh ( or rather relearn ) all lab values, measurements, and symptoms. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. It is possible. Find out why are you failing?  you should get some feedback from NCLEX.  And don't rush,  take your time. Make a realistic study plan, use as many practice questions as you can make it 5 thousand, and read, and read rationals.....they are very helpful. I can tell you that my example motivated at least 2 more foreign nurses who failed before and passed eventually. Do not beat yourself up, take care of your health and make sure you do something for fun: exercise,  run, jog, or whatever. Good luck , you are strong and you can do it! 


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THANKS, A LOT, I WILL READ THIS MESSAGE ALL OVER AGAIN. I am so really trying to bounce back and sometimes, I feel that I have depression since failing, but thanks so much for this reply. I appreciate it with all my heart. I just got back from sickness and reading this makes my heart happy and inspired. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND PLEASE, INCLUDE ME with your prayers and, I will as well for you. TAKE CARE AND KEEP SHINNING💕