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Val.RN has 6 years experience as a ADN, BSN.

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  1. Hello, Is anybody knows what requirements for foreign graduate nurses on the English proficiency test are? While COVID is many, if not all, testing centers ARE CLOSED. Some boards ( VA, for example) still request it during endorsement from a different state, even though you have earned a Bachelor of Science in states and or practicing nursing for some time already in a different state. I am n compact state licenses but obtained mine while living in MD, moved to VA, and trying to get a license from Virginia. Is anyone deal with it recently? Thanks
  2. Val.RN

    9 Tips for New Operating Room Nurses

    Hello everyone, I love OR. I wanted to be an OR nurse probably since age 5 or 6. Well, my dream becomes a reality. I never worked on the floor in the USA, so nothing to compare. In my OR as a nurse, you can not be slow-moving or thinking. You have to keep n eye n the situation and react quickly. It is also essential to be a quick learner. I love, OR I believe I am a bit on hyperactive site, it works perfectly for me, I can not stand a slow pace... but understand that OR is not for everyone.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am an internationally educated RN. I already have a compact RN license and work as nurse for more than 2 years. I initially endorsed my Rn license from Ca board to Maryland. Now, then I moved to VA , I want to endorse to Virginia. I know that I can still use my Md license but since I reside in Virginia, I would like to have it in VA. Apparently I have to provide IELTs or TOEFL scores to VA board of nursing. Maryland board only required speaking proficiency exam, which I successful passed in 2017. I also have associates of science in USA and taking RN to BSN at this moment. Is anyone knows what is passing scores for IELTS for Va board in details? And can I sent it the board directly without applying to CGFNS ? Is any one deal with similar situation?