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Any wavers on English requirements from Boards of Nursing during COVID closures of testing centers??

Hello, Is anybody knows what requirements for foreign graduate nurses on the English proficiency test are? While COVID is many, if not all, testing centers ARE CLOSED.  Some boards ( VA, for example) still request it during endorsement from a different state, even though you have earned a Bachelor of Science in states and or practicing nursing for some time already in a different state.  I am n compact state licenses but obtained mine while living in MD, moved to VA, and trying to get a license from Virginia. Is anyone deal with it recently?



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No known language wavier at this time.

Any chance you could get a letter from previous facility  Manager attesting to your English proficiency to include in your application along with a note from you,  that you completed BSN in the U.S. and worked X # years here, unable to complete English proficiency test due to COVID restrictions on testing centers.


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