Tired I have not pass my PN-NCLEX.

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Helo, anyone can help me.

I finished school one year ago I have not pass the board, I am getting tired and depress every day. I study the Saunders comprehensive review for PN, exam cram alive review and also the book, memory notebook of nursing, Kaplan, Pearson review, none those haven't work for me yet. I am spending days and long hours at the library studying, I do not know what to do anymore. I hate those simulation of PN-NCLEX in my computer I have at least 5. I would like to pass my examination badly. Does anyone know the secret to pass Please help me:o


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The secret is perseverence. Just keep on trying. You will pass if you don't give up.

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Don't give up!! Have you taken any nclex review courses in person? Do you think they would help you?

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Im in the same boat. I finished my nursing school also a year ago. But i did attend a review class in Chicago at Excell Nursing Review..Its really good and it helps a lot. I will take mine on June 20..I still have two more weeks to study more...Good luck to us...I hope we pass this time its my second time...

Thanks to email me. I did take a alive review in Orlando-Florida in January 2008 and took my PN-NCLEX in march, 2 Was the worse day of my life. In my state we are not aloud to take the exam no more then 4 times, I transfer all my transcript to California Board but I can still to take here one more time. Let me know if you pass and how was the examination. Some day I think I will never be a nurse. I have to continue to try, all my class is a nurse know a year by now. Thanks you very much for your suport.:cry:


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Is there a specific area you are struggling with? I've not taken the exam but I'm told if you don't pass you get a letter indicating how you did on the various sections.

I think you may be using too many review materials. It sounds backwards to say less is more in this situation but every book is going to focus on things a little differently and it's so overwhelming when you have a stack of books you feel you need to learn cover to cover! Pick one book (many here use Saunders 4th ed) and study just that book. Devote an hour or two a day to just going through the book and learning the material. In addition to that, answer 100 questions a day and read the rationales (even on the ones you get right).

If you really feel compelled to use multiple resources, pick ones that compliment each other and focus on different aspects of the test. Many have found the Priority and Delegation book by LaCharity helpful because it focuses on just that aspect of the NCLEX. Kaplan is another resource some have found useful because they focus on teaching you strategies to help answer the questions.

Also, do you hate the computer simulations you have because you are sick of studying or do you hate them because you struggle with them? If they are difficult for you--use them more! They will help you feel more comfortable when you are sitting in front of the computer taking the NCLEX.


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I am a nursing instructor and here is my advise. Based off of your note i can see that you have some issues with basic english grammar and spelling which makes me wonder if you are having troubles understanding the stem of questions being asked on the test. Small nuances or cliches can make a lot of difference. I would suggest that you get tested for a learning disability, which doesn't necessarily mean that you are disabled but it might indicate if you are having issues understanding the questions because of translation. Your local school should be able to set you up with an English as a Second Language support person who could test for understanding and translation. Good luck!

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