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Tips on studying for the fundamentals final?


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My final is on the 18th. And I am really stressin about how to study for such a big final. I have to have a 77% in the class going into the final and need a 77% to pass the first semester. So this final is a biggie!! What are some tips that may help me manage my time in studying? Are there things that I should spend more time on and others not so much time? All I know about the final is that is it 100 questions and that the teacher said that every chapter was equally covered question wise. My teacher is a little loopy and I just want to expect the unexpected from her. I appreciate any help!!

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does your prof use power points

I'm not sure if all schools tests are this way but our questions are all NCLEX style questions. I just did a read through of all my notes, and yes it took days. I spent more time on F and E than anything else. I found after I took my test that our questions are more on applying all the info you learned. There were some straight forward question but more of the "what would be the most important thing to look for" questions.

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Likewise, we're expecting most of the questions to be situational, and NCLEX style. However, I'm covering our ENTIRE outline book as everything from theory and lab classes will be asked. Things from injections, to physical assessments, to delegation/communication. Best tip? overlook EVERYTHING at least twice, then focus on what you missed the most on, then work backwards. on the test, leave questions blank you don't know as another question about a totally different subject may answer the ? for you. Too bad the NCLEX doesn't give you that option with computerized testing, eh?

ours was ALL application questions, Id go back over things that I missed and wasn't so strong on. What did you MOSTLY cover, like more than anything, and if you have test review? Just remember questions that you missed and go back over those concepts. Remember ALWAYS ASSESS FIRST....and if safety is a possiblity then SAFTEY is the priority, ALWAYS!!!

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Momma Pumpkin,

What school do you attend? I attend Halifax Community our final is on the 15th, as I understand it if you attend any of the schools in the Consortium the final will consist of 100 questions from all 4 schools in the Consortium.


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I go to Craven Community College in Eastern North Carolina. The teacher does use the power points.

Thanks for all the wonderful advice!!

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