Tips for Nursing Student Starting in the Fall Please!


I'm starting my nursing degree in the fall and I wondered if any students further along would mind give me some tips for preparing for my first semester.

I will be done all my required (high school) classes by the end of June and would like to use July and August as my prep months :) If anyone has any suggestions of books I should read or websites etc. you recommend I check out to get ready, I'd really appreciated it!!

Thanks so much!!

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before you can get into any nursing classes you usually need to take some pre-requisite science classes such as biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology or medical terminology. on the various sticky threads of this forum are weblinks to websites that can help students taking these classes. there are also threads with assistance on how to study and take tests. see and


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Thank you for those links! I definitely need to brush up my studying skills :) I actually start nursing classes in the fall as well as A&P classes. I start clinicals in January also. So any sites or books to do with actual nursing skills would be much appreciated too!


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Congrats on going to school. I do have one question though???? Are you going to a private school that does the accelerated version of nursing school? And are you going for LPN or RN? I do have some tips for you. My first one is STUDY!!! Please don't put anything else before your work especially if you are going through an accelerated program that combines pre-reqs and nursing courses. I have been to a school like that and you have to be VERY focused in order to do well. I wasn't and I had to withdraw. But now I am going to Keiser University in Jax, Fl they don't combine pre-reqs and nursing core classes and they only let you take one class a month so I am going to be more focused and dedicated this time. I wish you all the luck and I hope you do very well in school. Remember be dedicated and focus. :yeah:


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I'm heading into a 4 year Bachelor of Nursing Degree in Alberta, Canada.

Thank you so much for your advice - I really will try to hold it to heart. I dont think I could handle an accelorated program either! Good for you for giving it a go. Congrats on finding a program more suited to you're learning style, it sounds like a great one!


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Congrats on starting nursing school in the fall!

Be sure you get a planner, you will need to it daily to write down important due dates, and basically to write your schedule and appointments on a daily basis! Also get comfortable shoes, you will be on your feet alot, and if you can purchase one, get a rolling backpack, your back will so appreciate it!

Also try and purchase books online, they are usually cheaper online than in bookstores, I know of, and to name a couple.

Also be sure you learn how to critically think through questions, and understand the different types of questions such as application and analysis.

I know all this may seem overwhelming, but I wish I knew about alot of these things before I started and finished nursing school. Also use this wonderful website and its resources and the wonderful support from most everyone here!

Best wishes as you begin your nursing career! :)


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