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Hello All, 

A friend of mine is in nursing school preparing for a telemetry test in a few weeks. I am not that great at identifying tele strips. I am an looking for advice on easy ways to identify strips that I can share.

For number 7 I was torn between SVT and Atrial tachycardia. For 4.) junctional Rhthym and 5.) Idioventricular

However I feel like I could be wrong and I do not want to steer any in the wrong direction. Can you identify the strips. 

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Youtube has so many excellent videos. Watch and rewind until you and friend have it down pat

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Thank you found a Youtube channel.

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I wanted to share a helpful resource for any other nurses who may struggle with telemetry....


P.s. I am a longterm care nurse so telemetry is not something I see at all. But I do try to be helpful to novice nurses whenever I can. 

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Life In The Fast Lane ( has some great EKG resources.

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Consider that 5 is a block (notice the dissociated P waves)

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