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Tidewater Community College Spring 2020


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There was about 300. It took me 190 mins to complete. I read everything throughly and thought I had done a little bit better than I did. I am not sure where I went wrong in the reading comprehension. I pride myself in that area and only got an 80%. MY complete downfall was chemistry. I only got a 72%.

Aww! im so nervous! i been reviewing, im scheduling it tomorrow and giving myself a week to take it. I hope you got into the 45th percentile! fingers crossed!

Good luck for the test. I'm sure you will do fine. There was a lot of household measurements on there so just review those gallons. 🙂

The HESI has reading comp-55 questions grammar-55 vocab-55 math-55 and then bio chem and a+p all have 30 questions. Start with the sections that are harder that way you’re not burned out by the time you get to them. I made the mistake of doing the science sections last after my brain was already fried from all the other sections.

Thank you @Katfishmb !! @heathynewnew thank you for that information! i think ill do fine but i agree with doing ther science questions first. Did you already apply?

I am handing mine in tomorrow morning when I go to take my final in A&P.

i just finished a&p over the summer i got an A it was tough!! but i did it!

You will do fine as long as you studied. I really wanted to make a higher school but I hope the 83 gets me in.

When will we find out if we made it or not?

When I dropped my packet off, the lady behind the desk said they will mail the responses out on October 15th.