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Tidewater community college spring 2018!

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Hey everyone! Upon reading some other nursing students post that applied last year to start TCCs nursing program this Spring 2017 I figured I would make one for us students applying for the spring 2018 start. I want to get into the evening/weekend cohort so I can stay with my young one during the day and then go to class when his dad comes home but I will be applying to all cohorts. I took chemistry at ODU and received a B and have also taken HS chemistry. Attended my open house session. I have A's in ENG 111&112. B in SDV 101. This semester I took A&P I, PSY 200 and PSY 235. I will most likely get a B in A&P and A's in both PSYs. I'm taking Micro over the summer and then A&P II and PHI 226 in the fall. Applications are due August 15th. I have not taken my HESI A2 yet I plan to do it at the end of July. I bought the book the school recommended for studying for it but have not studied it much yet I plan to once this semester is over. I am so nervous about applying. I've worked SO hard and I feel like it would be so devastating to not get in. I've read some other posts and I'm nervous about not having A&P II and PHI 226 completed by the time I apply. I hope they will look at my other grades and know I will do well in those classes too. I made this post so if other students find it we can encourage each other, answer each other's questions, and keep up with each others progess- after all we might be classmates in less than a year- might as well make friends now, am I right? :) anyhow, good luck to all of us!!!!

finally! I've been looking at these for past years and I'm getting so nervous.

I have a B.S. in psychology from VCU so I'm hoping that helps my chances of getting it. I'm currently taking microbiology because my high school chemistry is 7 years old! I will most likely get an A in micro and then I'm going to take A&P 1 but won't have time for A&P 2. I have all the other pre reqs except PHI 226 AND SDV 101. but I'm hoping my college degree will help since I don't have two of the classes.

I'm getting so nervous about HESI A2. I take it July 5th and really hope I do well. Does anyone know the average score of those accepted?

good luck everyone and I look forward to hearing from everyone else!

Any Hesi Tips? I take my text the end of July?

i take mine july 31st and i've been studying my butt off. I went to the info session yesterday and they said this is the biggest thing they look at. I've been reading the trivium study guide, i made flash cards, and i'm doing practice tests.

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Hi all! I took my HESI on July 28 and got an 88%. I got all 98+ on most of the portions but I bombed the chemistry and biology portions. I took them at the end and I have been on no sleep due to my microbiology practical and final exam. Anywho, I have all my pre-reqs/co-reqs done except A&P II which I am taking in the Fall. I have all A's including in microbiology, except one B in A&P I. Advising told me I didn't need A&P II done prior to applying, but I definitely needed micro!

Is anyone going for the ODU concurrent enrollment option? Any tips you can give me?

For those taking the HESI, make sure you get the Elsevier study guide as they wrote the test. Go through the whole thing and focus on the parts you are weak on. Good luck to everyone!

theresenicole you'll definitely get in! i took my hesi today and did horrible- 76%. I have all my pre and co reqs done except A&P 2 which I'm starting next week, I also have a bachelors degree, so I'm hoping that helps.

I'm going to try for the concurrent program, if taking that you also have to do the prereqs for them! All I need for that is gen chem which I'll take. Apparently if you want to do the concurrent program, upon admission to TCC, you have to talk to the dean of nursing and she'll recommend you for it and then you apply.

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@bowersjc Thanks for the info! I will do that! Also, where are you taking A&P 2? Are you taking it this semester?

@theresenicole I took micro, A&P, and i'll do A&P2 all through geneva college portage. It's all online!

I am freaking out. I'm transferring from another college and I have a 3.7 in my prerequisite classes. I took my HESI today and scored an 86.86. My only concern is my math from my last college. I really don't want to sit down for a placement exam when I took a statistics class and placed out of the other math at my last college. Does anyone know how the MTE's work? I scored an 88 on the math from the HESI...I received all A's in my math from my last school. I'm not bad at math but I don't particularly enjoy sitting down for 3 hours to test on things I have not reviewed for a while.

Hey everyone !!! I just took my HESI... so nervous! 78 ... bombed my chemistry portion as well... but does anyone know why the math doesn't show up at home? When you look at scores .... I'm not sure what to think have any of you applied to other programs? I applied to Sentara and was waitlisted :( I can't wait as my husband is military- we only have a few years here and I want to complete. I am excited to find out and glad I found this thread! How many times have you applied.

Hi everyone so I'm taking the hesi this week and i have all a's & b's with c's in chemistry and micro 😥 what should I aim to get on the hesi to get in ? Do people get in with c's ? I have around 52-56 credit hours . also what kind of questions are on the hesi ? Chemistry and math are my weakness

It's such a long shot for me, and sometimes I'm even wondering to myself, "why bother applying?"

I only have MICR 150, BIO 141, ENG 111, SDV 101, & PSY 201 --- which are 5 out of 9 co-requisites.. granted, my cumulative GPA is a 4.0. I took the HESI A2 today, and somehow scraped up a 91%. I have all my pre-requisites done, and am taking the rest of the corequisites this fall so if I don't get in Spring 2018, I can have a shot at Fall 2018.

Regardless, it's hard knowing that people who are also trying for the same seats have bachelors, have all their co-reqs done.. you know? Is it just me that feels a little hopeless? I'm trying to look on the bright side, but man I'm really reaching for the stars here. I hope I get in though. Hahaha!

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Ah, here I am, finally. Took my HESI today. Have a 3.2 college GPA (technically, I graduated with a 3.4, but took some classes after that I hated, so I bombed a couple, lowered my score). Scored a 91% on the HESI. Was really surprised we weren't allowed periodic tables because I did not memorize where certain elements were located on the periodic table and thus could not recall from memory what their charges were or if they were transition metals, alkali metals, or otherwise. Dammit! I scored high 90s for every section except Chemistry and A&P, which I got 86% and 74% respectively. If you haven't taken the HESI exam yet and you are studying from the Evolve book, I recommend looking elsewhere for more in-depth coverage of A&P. There were many A&P questions that were not covered in the review book (e.g. certain types of muscles and bones, what does said hormone do when it reaches said organ, etc). And to think, I studied my butt off for A&P, so many hours of memorizing flashcards and half that crap wasn't even on the test! There was only 1 math question in the Chemistry section, no stoichiometry or calculating molarity. And when you take the math section, there is a calculator on your screen that you can use.

Hope this helps anyone who hasn't taken the HESI yet, and I will keep everyone posted whether or not I get in. Wishing everyone the best!

If you check previous threads, you will notice that anyone who posted what their high school GPA was and their HESI score and got accepted, did it with a 3.5+ high school GPA, and a HESI exam score in the 80s or higher.

Thank goodness there is now a thread for Tidewater Spring 2018!

I just mailed my application on Friday and now I am freaking out. I did well on the HESI except the CHEM portion. I took BIO 150 instead of CHEM. I ended up with an 83 on the HESI. I have all of my prerequisites complete and I have a 3.5 GPA. All A's and B's. This fall I'm taking classes needed for my BSN at Tidewater.

This is going to be the longest 2 month wait!

Good Luck guys!

Deadline day! Good luck and keep busy, time will go fast!

Hi Everyone! I applied for Spring 2018 but I think I only checked the box for the Cohort starting in January. Did everyone check more than one box? I'm glad to see there is someone else that still needs A&P2 and the PHI class. I will be taking those this semester.

I only checked 2 cohorts, but honestly I'd be fine if they put me in the weekend one I just want to get in lol.