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Thursday, Sept. 10 2020

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So I lost another pound. I'm still not sure if it's teh collogen peptides or the intermittant fasting that my physician approved. This is my new plan as gone over by my nutritionist at Kaiser.

One full meal a day. can be any meal so if I plan tp go to lunch or dinner with someone I jus skip the other two. Because I am diabetic I am allowed snacl like 2 ounces of cheese and a sliced appel I will also drink a protein collogen shake at bedtime. I am allowed Coffee ot tea as long as it's not sweetened. 

Exercise is to stretch daily concentrating on one area of the body each day. and weather and air quality permitting (Big fires burning nearby so lots of particulate in the area)

Here's new stretch routine for the lower back!


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Hi! I am just now finding this club. I have scanned some, but not all of your previous posts. Congratulations on your weight loss. I am interested in what is and isn't working for others and don't mind sharing what successes I have had. 

A little about my journey: about 1 1/2 years ago I realized that my pulse was only around 40 and I was feeling like cr@p. Underwent a cardiac workup, which showed no CAD, but I had atrial flutter with a slow rate. got a pacer. After a slow recovery, I started moving and paying closer attention to my food. Plus, my initial office visit described me as "obese", which was true but really stung. In 6 six months, I lost 10 pounds and had finally overcome the pain and swelling around my pacer to that I could actually tolerate jogging. I received a Garmin watch for Christmas and started training for a 5 K. 

So in a year's time, 1've lost 40 pounds, and am 2 pounds away from a normal BMI. I am training to run a 10 K, and try to ride my bike a couple of times a week. I follow the diet guidelines from the CDC to prevent diabetes: avoiding simple carbs, eating healthy fats and paying attention to portion sizes. I have given up diet soda and try to avoid processed foods. And I try to drink 8 glasses o water everyday. My BP has come down, but unfortunately my A1C went up to 5.8, possible from stress. I am working at mindfulness and meditation for stress relief. 

Thank you for the stretch video!



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Been a BIG Girl ever since I was a kid. I've had my problems over the years, but recently major issues have come up. Weight loss is an absolute  priority now. So I am making a conscious effort to lose weight. I have physical issues, so exercise is really not a viable option. So it's pretty much down to dieting.

Am not really doing anything definitive but trying to apply all the things that are pretty much common Diet Lore knowledge. Am switching over to lo-cal and lo/no salt where poss. Difficult with my lifestyle' limitations. Being careful with the carbs, portion control, water consumption, etc.

But I am making good progress since I started to REAALLLY get serious.  Like 20 pounds since mid-June. A BIG part of it is mind-over-matter efforts.