Throwing in the towel, and feeling liberated


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I am sick of fighting. If I would have known the nurses are to have no problems or they will be closely monitored I would have never signed up for this gig. It


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Anyone can do it- you just have to decide "are you going to let other people dictate your life or are you going to make your own decisions? Nursing is a job- there are other jobs out there.


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Update on my story, I accepted the case management position at the regional center and have been there for 2 weeks now. It's very much a social work position so there is a ton to learn and most days my brain hurts from trying to remember everything but I have an amazing boss and after nearly a year of being a glorified secretary it's nice to use my brain again.

In regards to my RN license, I recently learned I can't even surrender it until the AG files a petition to revoke probation on it, it's been 8 months and have no clue when that'll be. I was a little angry when I found this out as I did take a pay cut for this job and I was hoping to be done paying these ridiculous fees but I'm trying to see the bright side and at least I've got time to figure out if this position is a good fit for me (although so far I've been loving it).

My advice is do what's best for you. A lawyer is obviously going to want you to fight for your license as that's business for them, not saying they give bad advice but let's not pretend they don't have some investment in that advice. Take lots of long drives and think about what's best for you and your family. That's what I did and recently I've been seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and it's a great feeling

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I just noticed this old post & wanted to correct my mistake. My license has been unencumbered since 2012 NOT 2016!


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In my experience having a lawyer has not been advantageous only even more costly