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I was talking to my garbage man the other day (he's also my neighbor), and he said, "You must really make a lot of money, being a registered nurse and all". I told him that I had been to college for five years and had two degrees, then told him my salary. He looked sort of shocked, and told me his salary....He makes 2.00 an hour more than I do. I save lives for a living, and garbage men and people who unclog our toilets make more money than I do. What do you all think about this? I am sad for nursing......

He must be in a union. Unionize sanitation workers make very good money but there are some who are not unionized who make minimum wage. The township that I live in had well paid sanitation workers at one time but it set itself to bust the union in the heart of the last recession. The sanitation workers went on strike and all the union workers around here supported them but the recession was so sever at the time that they all eventually lost their jobs. This is why solidarity is so important.

I don't know. You'd have to pay me a lot to be a trash man! In a major city, you have to haul all kinds of sh*t, literally! People without plumbing put it out in the trash and G*d forbid it's August! Maggots, Rats, It's raining, it's snowing,it's 100*. Bags that weigh 50 pounds, finding a hand, a baby. Never knowing what stuck you inside that bag.Some neighborhoods people throw bottles at your head.

So it is a lot like nursing, but it's outside in all kinds of weather. I'd think that's worth a couple of extra bucks!

This is true. I guess it's just the idea that we went to college all this time to save lives, and someone who has no formal education can do better. Know what I mean?

Originally posted by goldilocksrn:

This is true. I guess it's just the idea that we went to college all this time to save lives, and someone who has no formal education can do better. Know what I mean?

Yes, nurses and sanitation workers should be well paid because they have difficult jobs, however, nurses should make MORE. Here is something I saw on TV last night that I thought was sad. They were discussing black jack dealers in Las Vagas. They said that the job requires such intense mental concentration that the dealers get a 20 min. break every hour. I have seen nurses go 10 and 12 hours on a bad day without a break, sometimes their meal consisted of a sandwich they have eaten on their feet. Perhaps we should all go get jobs as black jack dealers in Las Vegas where we would be treated like human beings instead of oxen.

Keep smiling.Look on the positive side.

Nurses get great job satisfaction, what sort of job satisfaction would you get emptying rubbish?Would you really be happy doing that? It would drive me mad.

Myself and most nurses I know love nursing regardless of wages.I love nursing because it is interesting, every day is different, there is so much to learn and if you get bored you can just try a different speciality. Dont you enjoy the challenge?

Alittle more money would be nice but at least we get paid enough to get by on and at the same time every now and then a patient lets you know that youre job really is worth while,(even when youre not saving lives). That is worth more than a million pounds to me!

Hi goldilocks. It is sad that nurses don't make more. But, I would still choose nursing over sanitation because of the opportunities to turn it into a potentially satisfying career. I may be wrong, but sanitation seems like a dead-end job.

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