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  1. I work in a rheumatology unit. We frequently have diabetic patients who cannot maintain independance in monitoring their diabetes due to disabilities caused by rheumatoid conditions and the equipment available. Does anyone know of specialized or adap...
  2. BethanyMaya

    Doing Without a P.O. Med Nurse - HELP!!!!

    Hi, Im a nurse in England and Ive never heard of a meds nurse before.Ive just left a job in a 56 bedded nursing home and it was a nightmare doing a med round on a morning, it could easily take 2 hours, without many interuptions. Ive just started a ne...
  3. BethanyMaya

    mother with young child

    Hi Mandy I have a toddler. When first returning to work, I worked in a nursing home as thay were so flexible with the shifts.I worked 8am until 8 pm three days a week. Initially working every weekend so that my husband could stay with the babe and...
  4. BethanyMaya

    Poor students

    I once heard a tale during my nurse training about another student nurse.This student was asked to warm up some blood ready for a transfusion and was found boiling the bag of blood in a pan full of water. Anyone got similar stories of misadventure?
  5. BethanyMaya

    Death With Dignity?

    Hasnt this womans doctor missed the point a bit. Even If you had time to change dressings hourly, I cant imagine that many patients( or their relatives if unable to speak for themselves) would tolerate this sort of treatment. Give this doctor a bit...
  6. BethanyMaya

    Where do burned out nurses go ?

    Take a career break. I did. I worked In a fish and chip shop for two months, hard , fast work,no time to think, no responsibilities, no problems. Lived a normal life without thinking about work. Then returned to nursing via nightshift and after a few...
  7. BethanyMaya

    angry co-worker

    Nursing is a 24 hour job! Have you ever worked with this nurse? How about each of you working a day and night shift together. Nursing is a hard enough job with enough problems without nurses turning on each other.One would think that nurses,(su...
  8. BethanyMaya

    This is so sad........

    Keep smiling.Look on the positive side. Nurses get great job satisfaction, what sort of job satisfaction would you get emptying rubbish?Would you really be happy doing that? It would drive me mad. Myself and most nurses I know love nursing regar...