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This is getting ridiculous!

This is kinda long, but it has a point I promise! :up:

I am working on a BSN as a second degree. Took about a year and a half working on prerequisites and a local CC that I didn't have from my first degree to better my chances of getting into the nursing program at the university that is 20 minutes away from where I live. Wasn't think of applying to the CC's program or any other program that due to the almost guarantee I was given that I would get into the university's program. During Fall 2009 I applied to the program's accelerated first-year program (where you get to schedule the two pre-nursing classes and the first three nursing classes of the curriculum [fundamentals, adult assessment, pharm]) that they were starting, got all of my papers in order sent them in way before the deadline...and they lost the application packet! :eek:And I'm not talking about a few papers, I'm talking ALL of it, a HUGE manila envelope thick with paper! I sent it in because at the time I was working full time and still finishing up pre-reqs and thought I could trust that a huge manila envelope would be noticed...boy was I wrong! I didn't even know it was lost until I started calling (and calling and calling and finally getting an answer about two weeks later) that they never got it...huh (yes I put more than enough postage on it). So meetings were held with the people from the office of student affairs of the department, I politely but forcefully told them that the situation was crap. I was angry beyond words and cried after meeting with them. :bluecry1: They told me of course that it was too late to consider placing me in the accelerated first year or the program at all and that I would have to start the application process from scratch. I was also told since I had all of the pre-reqs done and have a previous degree I had declare a minor to fill out my schedule.

So this semester I'm taking the 2 pre-nursing classes, the pathophysiology course, a class for the minor and an elective English class. Scheduling for Fall 2010 is about to start and all this semester I have been still a bit mad about the screw up but looking toward applying for Fall 2010. So I went to my advisement (with a faculty member that is now my advisor) appointment today and was told this time that....there is a good chance I won't get into the program...AGAIN!!! :no: Apparently, the student affairs personnel told me wrong when they said I didn't have to do two of the pre-reqs (a public speaking class and a life span development class) because of my first degree and that some of the classes I took at the CC weren't needed despite them telling me so! :banghead: And because I don't have the speaking class done before applying for Fall 2010 (the development class is a class that can be taken after getting into the program) I may not get in if they already have 60 students who have already completed the class and everything else! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!! The advisor told me to go ahead and apply, to take the public speaking class over the summer, schedule fundamentals, pharm and adult assessment, but to also plan for not getting in. She also said she was going to advocate strongly for me to the chairperson since I have been screwed over from jump but that it may not help.....

I have been pushing against this tide of BS from this school because I really want to become a nurse but I am starting to get a peeved :madface: to the point of looking at programs at other schools! Should I boot them too the curb with their two strikes or just keep jumping their hurtles and hope there's an end to them?

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If this is the headache and screw up you're experiencing before being accepted to that school, do you think it'll get better for you when you get in?? I would apply to other schools--Don't waste anymore of your time running around in circles. Is the nursing program at that university better than others in your area?

I'll be finished with all my prereques this summer to apply to an Accelerated BSN program in the Fall 2010 and my plan is to have my manila folder sent certified mail! I've learned my lesson when I first applied to my CC and they claimed they didn't receive my application.

I completely understand your frustration and annoyance at this situation. Wish you all the best.

Depends on what your next best choice is.

Think about whether the next best choice is a much longer commute or much more expensive or needs different prereqs. Or is it almost as good a fit for you as this school? How much will this hoop cost you? If you need speech for other nursing school anyway and it isn't a major problem to take a summer class.... that would be different than if you had to give up something important (I don't know, fill in the blank.... quit a good job or something) for something you will never need except for this program.

My daughter gets the advisors to sign a written statement when they tell her what she needs or doesn't need. She has a complicated history (dual enrollement when she was in high school, AP credits, CLEP credits, three schools) and a complicated major (triple major and a minor). I don't bother getting advice in writing and signed because nursing at my school is clearly spelled out and very straight forward. Anyway, if you have documentation of the previous advice (or they don't dispute it), I think you have a good chance of getting that taken into consideration. It is a risk but I think it is worth the attempt.

Actually, either way, I'd try to get a feel for whether the advisor is just doing something for the sake of doing something or to calm you down and sooth things over but the school never bends. Sometimes they do bend, at least when their advisor told missed in telling you what you needed.

"Took about a year and a half working on prerequisites and a local CC that I didn't have from my first degree to better my chances of getting into the nursing program at the university that is 20 minutes away from where I live. Wasn't think of applying to the CC's program or any other program that due to the almost guarantee I was given that I would get into the university's program."

First, I'm sorry for your situation and it really is a shame you are going through this frustration. These two sentences above threw up a huge red flag to me as soon as I read it. Why would you have needed to take prerequisites to better your chances if you were given an almost guarantee of acceptance? It sounds like this school is blowing a lot of smoke and I would be careful. Is this a for-profit private university? I'm just wondering if they are stringing you along to get more money from you. My first intinct is to tell you to run as fast as you can, but since I don't know what school you are attending or anything about the other schools in the area, I'm hesistant to tell you to chuck it all and go somewhere else. But as the first poster stated, if this is how they handle student relations and you aren't even in the program yet, can you imagine what it will be like once you do? Are they going to lose some valuable information just before graduation that will prevent you from completing the program, cost you more time and money, etc.? I don't know, I would take a serious look at continuing there.

If I were you I would begin applying at other schools because this one may be delaying your dream of becoming a nurse. And with what you are telling us they seem very incompetent, who knows if their teachers may be the same :confused::confused::confused::D

Thanks to everyone for your replies! The school is actually a public university in IN that is, and I quote from current students and graduates, "known for losing things!" Didn't know this until i started asking if my situation was commonplace for the school and sadly it is! Overall I have heard wonderful things about the program, the instructors are awesome, abut my excitement to apply to this particular program is waning. I knew I should have sent in my app packet via certified mail but thought Hey, it's not going that far and they ARE a major university...what could go wrong? I have learned my lesson though, when (and if) I turn in my app this time I am going to the department, personally hand-delivering it AND getting a signed paper stating they have received it..no benefit of the doubt for them anymore! My advisor seems sincere, but I also thought when I talked to the student affairs the second time around that they were sincere AND telling me the truth...not the case. And it seems that I will need the speech class for other schools, BUT with them they allow students to take the needed pre-reqs over the summer and it won't count against them. So I'm not sure, very cautious now, almost paranoid lol bc I too wonder what the hell it will be like once, if, I get into the program! I am looking at others schools around the area, those that are farther away. Thanks so much for the help!

I have learned my lesson though, when (and if) I turn in my app this time I am going to the department, personally hand-delivering it

That's what I did during applications for the local universities around my area. I didn't go through the same trouble as you, but it seems (from the threads here), that all nursing programs lose paper work. Always hand deliver!

While I can empathize with you, I would have covered all of my bases by taking every required course in spite of what you were previously told. Your situation is a perfect example of why that course of action is advisable.


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Dollface6, I went though something very similar when I applied for my master's program. I had been given incorrect information about a transcript and the school lost one of my references. Of course, the communications I received from the university all said that my application was complete and I didn't know about the missing reference for about two months. I wasn't told about the problem with the transcript until the Friday after Thanksgiving----and I had sent in what I thought was my complete application back in August. :mad:

Like you, I was losing faith in the school and told the faculty member assigned as my temporary advisor that I was disappointed and starting to look elsewhere. She definitely was on my side and communicated my frustrations to the graduate office, which is where the problems all originated. I found out later that every one of my peers with whom I have shared the story of my hellacious admission process had a similar hassle---and a friend to whom I have recommended the program had similar problems with admissions, too.

On the other hand, I am happy with the school and with the quality of education I am receiving. The application process was unnecessarily stressful but it was worthwhile. It may be that the application process is the worst part of graduate education at this particular school. I am glad I gave it a chance, but, believe me, I do understand why you may be reluctant in your circumstances.

I hope it turns out well for you. I hope that the faculty member advocates for you. I think getting someone on the faculty involved did make a difference in my situation but even if it didn't, it restored my faith in the school to know that someone was on my side.


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