Third Time Taking NCLEX RN


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Tomorrow will be my third time taking NCLEX RN. First time failed at 114 questions. 2nd time failed with 265 questions. My letter from BON says I am nearly passing in all categories except 1 which I received an above passing. The first time I didn't study at all for the NCLEX. The 2nd time I started studying three days before taking it, and did Lippincott's review book. This time around I have been studying for two weeks. I have done Exam Cram CD, Kaplan review book (some), Lippincott (very little), but mostly ATI. I am starting to freak out because mostly my ATI scores are in the 60's and 70's, few being in the 50's. I don't know if this is good enough to pass. I am thinking about rescheduling my exam even though I am very ready to get this chapter in my life over with. Any pointers would be appreciated. Also, has anyone done ATI and passed NCLEX with only averaging 70's on the assessments?


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Reschedule! Get the LaCharity book ASAP!


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Hey dear, am in the same situation as you, i took the exam twice and planning to retake it for the third and final time next month. Given that its your third try you might want to cover all your basis a little bit more...LaCharity is a MUST pls!!!!...and do some questions from Nclex 3500...its better to be well prepared than having to feel the pain of another heart break, i personally can't handle another. failing this exam twice means there is something we are missing, some are lucky to not have to spend this much time in preparation and passing it at first attempt, unfortunately we are not, so lets put our best foot forward. however, if u do decide to take it as schedule pls keep us updated...wishing u the BEST!!!!!!!!!!.