Thinking of relocating to another state.


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I completed my first year in the North Carolina Board of Nursing Alternative Program and have been cleared by them to look for employment in nursing. The problem is that as a LPN my job market is more geared to long term care which would expose me to narcotics. I have been on at least 8 interviews and was offered jobs from several of those 8 but

because of my restrictions I wasn't given a positions, My employment opportunity in my area is also limited to the fact that my past employer has monopolize the job market in my county and surrounding counties. One of my options is to drop out of the AP and move to another state and take my chance with another board of nursing. I would greatly appreciate any input from those who had moved to another state and apply for license while being suspended by another state. Should I stay and stick it out or keep moving ahead and not be beaten up every time they tell me no because of my past.


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If your aren't still suspended, apply to another state ahead of time and contact them about their alternative program A.S.A.P. Also speak with your case manager about your plans so it doesn't appear that you are trying to run away from your current program.

If you are currently suspended, it's incredibly difficult, in my experience. If you can afford an attorney to help you navigate the mess, that would make the process a little less stressful.

Good luck. AOA

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Good luck,

I am contemplating the same step. I have completed the second year of my IPN contract in Fl and contacted the Washington State BON. The preliminary information I was given was that, yes, I could transfer into their program. First I would have to apply for the Wa state license, then they would direct me into the program. They BON sounded very positive. I will begin the process this fall and intend to move by late spring of 2012. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this to work out. I dearly want to move to Wa as my daughter and family are there...and I will get there if I have to walk there from Florida.:D


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DIVA RN- How did your transfer go? Do you have any advice in transferring your license to a new state? Did you get an attorney? I am in the process to move from Michigan to South Carolina. I am scared that I will have to start all over. Everyone seems to think it is a case by case situation.

Let me know what you have gone through....any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Good Luck!

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Hi lobby,

I just came back after a little respite from AN.....

Unfortunately, I am not moving to Seattle. My daughters husband is career Military and when he came home from Afghanistan last Feb, he go orders to transfer to Phoenix area.......WE ARE NOT AMUSED.............

I have called the AZ BON and they pretty much told me the same thing, to go ahead and apply for the licensure first. Each case is taken on it's own, she stated that if there are no Criminal charges...or records....and I have none......there would probably not be a problem.

I am coming up on the 3 year mark of my Fl IPN contract and have been totally compliant, so I imagine they would grant the license and transfer the rest of the time to their program.

I am just not sure about moving to Arizona.....mind not made up yet.

I do not have a reason to get an attorney involved.

Good luck.