Thinking about nursing school; doing pre reqs now; part time vs. full time study?



I am new to this website and hope I don't sound redundant. I am 30 and thinking about a career change into nursing. My community has several hospital based nursing programs and one community college nursing program (all pretty highly regarded but only CC has full accredidation and part time study).

My basic thinking is that I am going to take my pre reqs first, see if I can get through the science classes first and apply for nursing school. I am really interested in going to a school that has part time evening classes, so that limits me. I am too much of a wimp to give up my current career (however hard and underpaid it is) for a curriculum that may or may not be for me. I am single and do not have a support system to fully finance me during such a drastic change. Also, I'd like to do this to provide a more stable, sure way of support for myself, always be in demand for a job and then able to support my future family, etc.

Is there a debate or school of though with part time study vs. full time study? Would I be a better nurse if I only go full time instead of part time? Just curious about other people's experiences. And if anyone else had concerns about giving up one career for another with quitting to study full time. Naturally, the CC has an extensive waiting list (as all of the nursing programs do locally) but I won't let that deter me.

Thank you!


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I think it has to be catered to your unique situation. I decided to quit my current profession so I could go to Nursing School full time and be done sooner. But, I also know for sure that nursing is what I want to do.

I'd say to hte pre-reqs part time, takea CNA class (that will help you see if health care is for you, more so than science classes), nad then make your decision after that.

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good luck in whatever you decide to do !

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i think becoming a cna first is a vital step. during my cna course a lot of people said "this is not for me" and moved on. but on the other hand those who did enjoy the field become a more rounded employee.

i just finished a one year course (3 semesters in a row) and was successfull. i attribute my success partly to the fact that i "gave myself" to the program. not to say that i didnt go out with my friends or sleep late. but while i was out partying i kept a nursing mind about me: studied my reaction to acohol, sleep deprevation, assessed those around me for physical and psychological conditions.

give yourself to nursing and it will become apart of you and learning will become easier.


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i'm 30 and taking the Practical Nursing program part time. It is so much more flexible and I am doing so much better in the classes. I generally have more time for family/work. I honestly think that I am learning more doing it this way. Rather than 6 or 7 classes each semester, I take 3. Much more study friendly!

IMO, part time takes longer, but is better if you dont want to give up your current career (for income).

good luck!

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I currently work one full time job and one part time job. I am also a single mom. I am a LPN student part time and working on my RN pre-req's at my local CC(clinical waiting list is long). It is vey draining and some days i just cry.:bluecry1: But on a positive note I am setting a good example for my children and i know this too shall pass. Good luck in what ever you decide to do! Merry Christmas!:christmasball:

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