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:confused: Hey everyone, I just started my classes yesterday for LPN. I live in New Jersey, and always thought about moving down to Florida. I know that the living cost in florida doesn't compare to the living cost in New Jersey.

I was wondering what is the on going salary rate for a LPN in Florida, and it worth it.

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try googling "lpn salary tampa" or wherever and you should get a website from and it will tell you the average and hi and low salary for lpn. Be mindful though, there are a lot of lpn schools around that area so I'm sure at least in Tampa they're churning out lpn's like butter down there. Def do some research first.

thanks you

Hi. As far as I've read the pay for nurses (RN & LPN) is much lower in the south, especially Florida. I live in NY now but used to live in Florida and there are some advantages to living there, no state income tax is a huge one. I don't think I could ever live there again and deal with that heat all year long! I do miss the beach though:( Congrats on starting nursing school!, I started 2 weeks ago, so far so good. If you look at one of the LPN salary threads on here you can probably get an idea of the pay down there.

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You also have to consider the cost of living. The pay may be lower in different areas but probably because the cost of living is lower.

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