Thinking about ditching the job search for a while...


Here's my situation: Graduate in May with BSN, been applying to tons of places- heard nothing (shocker huh?)

Here's my contemplation: I have always wanted to become fluent in Spanish. I have always wanted to live in another country for a while (preferably Spanish-speaking since this is probably the only way I'll ever really be able to become fluent) I am really contemplating going to a Latin country in central or south America for about 6 months and volunteering or interning as a nurse while taking Spanish classes and becoming fluent. I have so many questions. First of all- am I crazy? Two- will it be impossible for me to take 6 months off and travel and come back to find a GN internship? Will this count as RN experience? Any input would be awesome including anyone who has done this sort of thing before and has any sort of advice for me. This will probably be the last chance I will have to do something really cool like this and I feel that this type of life experience is invaluable. You only live once and I want to make the most of it.


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You only live once.. if you can go away for 6 months.. just do it.. If this is what you want, it is your life. Be happy.\

Life is too short for regrets and there are not many do-overs. Best of luck with your journey.:up:

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I see it might be a great opportunity. You need to learn if the country you visit allows such an internship. I do not think it would hurt your prospects when you return to USA but not sure if the experience elsewhere will be like the ones you get here due to culture and laws.


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I see it might be a great opportunity. You need to learn if the country you visit allows such an internship. I do not think it would hurt your prospects when you return to USA but not sure if the experience elsewhere will be like the ones you get here due to culture and laws.

I'm not sure if this is as true in nursing as it is in some other fields, but international work can show that you're adaptive and flexible enough to handle anything - even working in a foreign country, and with a foreign language! Even if it doesn't count as "experience" it counts as an experience that shows off what kind of a person/employee you are.


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Sounds like a fantastic idea. You might decide that that is an area of nursing you want to pursue and stick with it! Really, if you have the energy and the room in your life I think it would be great. I did that when I graduated from college way back when, took off for what I thought would be a short interval and ended up staying for eight years. It was the best experience of my life.

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AHHH - to be young and unencumbered with family & financial obligations

By all means - take time for your adventure if you can. BUT - be sure to pass NCLEX first, because I am sure that you won't have any time or inclination for study while you're on your "sabatical".


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Yes I plan to do just that shortly after graduation. I'm wondering though if I will be working under my license or not there...most of them say that you will be placed in a job that fits your level of expertise so I just hope that I won't be expected to work autonomously as an RN. I'm sure that can be worked out with what ever company I go with


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I would say go for it!! But don't let it be a last resort kind of thing because you haven't heard from anyone about jobs because when I graduated in December, I applied to so many jobs while studying for my NCLEX and heard nothing. The day that I passed my NCLEX, I applied to many more positions and literally a week later, I was getting called for interviews. Either way, good luck with your endeavors!!


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If you have the funds I say go for it! It will make you more marketable when you come back (in my opinion). I know people who have wanted to this, skipped it, taken a job and ended up leaving w/ in 4 months or so to go abroad anyway. I think if your desire is strong and you have the funds it is an excellent time to go. I spent 6 months unemployed and it still bothers me to think of everything I could have accomplished, but didn't during that time because I was so caught up in the job search.


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Yeah I first started thinking about it because I was like's not like I'm missing out on much here since it's so hard to get a job..but then I was like why am I in such a hurry anyway? I'll prob. end up taking any job that I get offered since the market is so terrible and I will prob. be sad that I had to settle for whatever I got...why not go get some real life experiences under my belt and be proficient in another language and come back more marketable? Now I really want to kind of put the job search on the back burner and start trying to raise some funds for my trip! I guess sometimes you just gotta take risks and though this may be a little risky, I don't think I'll ever regret it!

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I think it's an excellent idea. I also think it's a definite leg up for you when you get back. There are a lot of nurse managers who will be interested in your experience and just think you're an all around cool person for volunteering in a "third world" country instead of trying to nail down the best job you could after graduation. Kudos, I so wish I could do something like this! (too many responsibilities for me too)