how do you think my interview went?


  1. How was my interview?

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Hi everyone!!

I been checking this website out for over 1 year!

I am a recent graduate and had my first job interview at a local hospital.

I was told to bring original copies of my nurse lic, Social Security card, letter with my name on it as proof of address, college degrees. My question is this normal? I gave them a copy of all my stuff to keep.

The job I applied to is for a ER position!

before the interview I was given a math test on which I needed to score a 100 in order for me to work in the ER as a nurse ( which I did).

After the test I met with the nurse recruiter and she only asked me 3 questions regarding nursing. Also, she had a check list and a form on which she was filling out with my info ( is this normal?).

After the interview with nurse recruiter she took me to meet the DON of the ER.

The DON went over my cover letter and my resume with me. She asked me why I don't want to continue with my old career? how her daughter did a similar degree and is making so much money. Then she explained to me how the ER is set up and stuff.

She also asked me if I knew anyone in the hospital? I told her yes one of my prof. who works here and it turns out that she was his old boss!!! She told me she will contact him!

So after 1 hr of interview I text my prof. to explain to him what as happened at the interview. He tells me how the DON called him few minutes earlier and he told her If it was him hiring the person he would hire me. He told me to hang in there and wait for her to make the decision.

All this happened one week a go.

My question to everyone is how do you think my interview was ? I have not heard anything back should I call and find out? who should I call the DON or the recruiter?

Sounds like it went very well :) Hang in there, good luck!!!!!


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Yeah pretty normal to me. And yeah you have to ahve all that might be faking being a's been done before! Sounds like you might have an in girlie! (if you're a female)


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@threelittlebirds thank you so much for making me feel better!

@sparrowhawk bro I am not a girl :-) ! what you mean by I might have an in?

This is the 4th day after my interview and I was wondering if I call them to find out what is going on?


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Lol sorry bro. Meaning if your prof gave you good marks your boss will prbly hire you...I'd wait another day...Always wait at least a week.


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@sparrowhawk so I will call tomorrow! I am so nervous man I need this job badly! Should I call the director or the recruiter?

Did you follow up with a thank you email or notecard? That also gives you the opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position.

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Write a thank you note. It gives you a chance to reiterate your interest and to put yourself "back in front of them" again. A thank you note also gives you a chance to say ... "If I don't hear from you, I'll call you next week." ... or something to that effect. It keeps the conversation going.


I think based on what you said, things went smooth and the bonus was the old boss was your professor connection. Hospitals take their time with decisions. I hope to hear soon the good news you got the job. please keep us updated. i too am in the interviewing phase with a hospital and would like to continue to hear what unfolds.

have a good day and good luck.