They changed the job hours right after I put in notice!!!

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So I went on a couple interviews: OR (they already had made the offers on the position), high-risk OB (maybe a foot in the door to L&D?) and Psych. I had been a psych RN before at this hospital, and liked it.

Psych made me the first offer. I confirmed with them multiple times that I was accepting a FT 2 8s/2 12's Day/Eve position, they "officially" (their words) offered me the job on Thursday. They told me that I had to tell the RN manager and get my transfer date. I confirmed the position again and agreed to put in notice. I told the RN manager Friday that I like my coworkers, like her management, but not the specialty.

Monday (yesterday) they call me and tell me, I can have the Day/Eve position on the floor that I want. But I now can only work 5 8s. Apparently, something happened with the union and I was "outbid" for my position before I even got there. Needless to say, I was very angry. I had just put in notice.

So now I have 2 options, either accept the transfer under these new terms, or tell my current RN manager I'm not leaving (which she will correctly interpret as "not leaving yet") and suck it up. I'm certain most people on the floor have already heard, although I only told the RN manager.

I really don't know what to do. Part of me is kind of relieved... It might mean that I'm supposed to stick it out until something becomes available in the OR or Postpartum/L&D. But the other part of me doesn't want to look like an idiot on my floor, or anger the Psych HR and RN manager on that floor (even though it was their fault, IMO) in the event I ever do want to go back.

Anyone been in this position before? Any thoughts?


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I think it is up to you to decide whether you want to transfer/or not for the hours, or the specialty. Agreeing your nurse manager will probably interpret correctly you aren't leaving "just yet" however, they will probably be happy you are staying if that is your decision. The main reason from what I gather of your post is due to specialty... if so, does the change in hours make that big if a difference?

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I really don't know what to tell you; you didn't say what hours you are working now. Decide what you would rather do; keep working in a specialty that you don't like with what I'm guessing are pretty decent hours, or go to work in a specialty that you like just a bit better, but with not so great hours. Just have to weigh which one you can tolerate better until that OB job that you really truly want comes along.

I'm really starting to be glad that I don't, and have never had to, deal with a union.


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That's okay if your current manager interprets it as "I'm not leaving yet".

WAIT until the specialty of your choice becomes available. Don't settle for less just to escape what you are doing now. It may be worse in the end.

Everything happens for a reason and I would bet this is your que to not take the job.


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As others have said, weigh your options and go with what takes care of what is more important to you, the hours or the specialty. Yes, this is one of the disadvantages of a union. One can always assume that someone "higher up the totem pole" will take the good deals. You might want to request that they show you who got the position and how they were in front of you. Sometimes people are told that someone else had priority when, in fact, such was not the case. I was told this by an employer one time. They bank that no one will challenge them.


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Thanks for the replies! I really needed them. I have to go in to work a midnight tonight and I'm not looking forward to all of those questions.

Right now I work 3 12's, midnights. I've been at it now about 9 months, and realize that they are exhausting me. So Day/Eve was quite a relief. But 5 days/week (gotta imagine more needs are eve) and I'm never home to do anything.

The bigger obstacle (which I thought that I had accepted) is that I don't know if I can come back from Psych, and as Trixie noted, maybe should take this as a sign to wait it out? I thought that if I worked a 4 day week in Psych, maybe I could float a day once in awhile to the medical world to keep the skills up. But I don't see myself trying to work a 6 day week.

I just go back/forth in my head, but have to make a decision really soon as I now have 2 HRs and 2 RN managers involved. Will deifinitely take your input into consideration. Thanks again.

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