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This is what happens when nurses start standing up for themselves! Let's hope this spreads throughout our nursing community across the US. We deserve to be treated better.


Some employees of St. Mary's criticize management for requiring staffers who are quarantined after coronavirus exposure to use their own sick/vacation time.

News article in its entirety: At Lewiston hospital, quarantined staff must use own sick time


Nurses at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center had complained about having to use their earned time off if they were forced to quarantine.

News article in its entirety: Lewiston hospital revises coronavirus sick leave policy under pressure from employees


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This is awesome. Not surprising that I think that. I am the person quoted.

What is surprising is the lack of response on this forum. The issue has come up a bunch, and there is as much of a consensus on this as I have ever seen on this forum: Making nurses shoulder the financial burden of a disease contracted working in this environment is plain wrong.

So- Do something about it. Now is the time. The public is doing their best to support us. We need to use that momentum to get the hospitals to support us where it really matters; that critical income we are using to support our families in this crisis.

When my hospital was confronted with the reality, they did the right thing. They are the good guys in this story for righting a wrong.

  • Show this to admin, tell them you are worried about how bad they will end up looking when it comes out in your area. The local reaction here was pretty rough on the hospital. You are worried about the financial health of the organization considering the lawsuits that are inevitable. Also, some of these folks want to do the right thing, but their hands are tied by office bound bean counters. Concern for this bad publicity is a great lever for them to use.
  • Call or email your local representatives, congress and senate. This is super easy for any politician to get behind. Who is going to stand up and say that I don't deserve to be paid while I quarantine?
  • Donors- Think about that donor who's mother got great care, and then she donated a wing to the hospital. She loves nurses. Let her know what is going on, and ask for help. She is sitting home right now wondering what she can do to help. Help her help you.
  • And, of course, reporters. Obviously going on record has some risk. Personally, I am not concerned. The administrators I know are decent people trying to negotiate uncharted waters. Even if they were not, retribution would be truly terrible publicity. And, I can afford a lawyer. If you go this route, be careful what you say and how you say it. Make sure it is accurate and objective.

This forum is a great place to communicate, vent, and share perspectives. It is not a place to make changes. The only reasons some nurses are getting a raw deal on this is the perception that you have no voice. Prove that perception wrong. Use your voice. Your outside voice. Make some noise.


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As someone in management (not hospital or direct patient care) the specter of bad publicity is huge leverage. Use it people! Email local news stations. Make a new email address, don't use your name, just tell them you're a nurse at XYZ hospital, explain the current sick policy and give them the names and contact info of some of the HR staff at the hospital so the journalists can contact them about the COVID related sick time policy. HR won't answer of course but the anchor can still talk about their non-response which helps the public correctly assume they're guilty as charged.

Definitely email your local state reps, congressional rep, state attorney general. People at the top of hospital admin do not want to hear negative things from these people.

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Hey all!

I think I may have something that might interest you. I'm an ER RN with 5.5 years of experience. I worked closely with a lawyer who deals in federal law and nursing issues to come up with a new organization: The American Society of Nurse Advocates.

We took testimonials from nurses all over the country and developed several positions, including...

  • Hazard Pay
  • Continuation of pay during mandated quarantine
  • Reasonable assumption that a healthcare professional who contracts COVID-19, likely did so at work
  • Allowing healthcare professionals to wear their own PPE if their facilities are unable to provide adequate PPE

...and a few others. We took these positions and developed statutes, so that they can become a nationwide standard. In order to do this, we are sending a letter (which can be found on our website [] and our Instagram [@AmericanNurseAdvocates]) to the US Senators and Representatives of our members.

It's absolutely free to be a member. Although we have "nurse" in our name, we welcome healthcare workers from all professions, students, and non-healthcare workers who simply want to support us!

If any of this interests you, we encourage you to become a member. If you'd like to learn more, you can find us on our website at, on facebook (American Society of Nurse Advocates), or on Instragram (@AmericanNurseAdvocates). If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or email me at [email protected].

Thank you! Be safe!

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