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About AmericanNurseAdvocates

AmericanNurseAdvocates has 10 years experience and specializes in ER, Advocacy.

Founded in 2020, The American Society of Nurse Advocates is an organization that works to affect change that will benefit healthcare workers throughout the country. We are particularly focused on issues that relate to assisting and protecting our healthcare professionals in the COVID-19 pandemic. We intend to propose a number of changes to US Senators and Congressmen. We began disclosing our positions and proposed changes to members of Congress on April 3rd, 2020. Our positions include:

  • Hazard pay
  • The continuation of pay throughout mandated quarantine
  • The reasonable assumption that healthcare professionals who contract COVID-19 likely did so at work
  • Allowing healthcare professionals to use their own PPE at their workplace in cases of emergency, and prohibiting employers from preventing them from doing so
  • The development of a Healthcare Providers' Compensation Fund to assist healthcare professionals who experience long-term health issues from COVID-19
  • New funding for FEMA, allowing for pandemic preparedness and stockpiling

Membership is completely free to all who join. We encourage healthcare professionals from all fields to join, including students, ancillary staff, physicians, respiratory therapists, and more! We also love to hear suggestions and thoughts from our members. 

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