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Hey everyone!:

Hope school is going great for everybody and that you're not too stressed. This is my question.

This is my first semester in nursing curricula, and so of course we are very heavy on theory. I'm wondering if anyone has any internet resources or any ideas for remembering theories and keeping them separate. Anything that helped you during class? When I say theory I am speaking of nursing theorists (i.e. our old pal Flo, Dorothea Orem, etc.) and developmental theorists (mostly Piaget, Erikson, and Fowler).

I think I have the key points of most of these theories, but I seem to mix them up sometimes. Eek! Our test is next Friday. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

God bless! :p

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Have you been here....?

also try and type Nursing Theories

Good Luck;)

:eek: Great place, thanks!!! I can use it, too.



THANKS!!! Sent it to my classmates too!

Thanks for the url, I added it to my favorites. It looks like that site will be a great resource.

Nobody else can say what helped them to learn theory? Did you just memorize it? Use flash cards? Normal study tools?

Thanks everyone


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........'delighted to have helped.

Good luck all!;)

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When I took my BSN I just remember two key sentences from each theory and made up the rest for the test (essay questions). I always got a good mark, the rest of the answer was bull. I suspect they only read the 1st sentence.:p Just my opinion but as soon as you pass the test FORGET all you knew. All the theorists were psych nurses with too many papers to push around- only a passing nod to real world nursing, and most of them last practiced 20 years ago.:rolleyes:

Oh yeah, I went to DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and it SUCKED!:D

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Hi, I downloaded a search programme called copernic (from and the searches I tried in there, with the theorists names were awesome.

Good luck

Ali :cool:

I did the same as canoehead...Remember a few of the key points about each of the theorists, the rest was not needed for exams. The detail was killing me, then I switched to the key ideas of each theorist. For ex: Which theorist said, did, or believed blah, blah, blah. Find the answer and there ya go! If was an essay question, I went where my creative thoughts led me. Later exams (later semesters) brought only questions about Erikson's developmental stages, which I find to be very beneficial when dealing with anyone...from birth to death :D Good luck with your exam!

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