The 28th


The 28th is fast approaching and I will be entered fully into my board ordered agreement. It is amazing how time just flies! I am excited to meet with my probation monitor and to start this next chapter. Fingers crossed I can continue my job outside of nursing and find a suitable place to complete my 30 contact hours of volunteer work ( maybe the blood bank?!) to count as my employer review. I have come a far way. Patience and perseverance. And being kind to each new person I meet along this road has helped tons! Good thoughts and prayers all- it's worked out thus far!


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congrats- best wishes to you!! one step at a time- it will all be just fine!


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Which state are you in and did you have to apply for reinstatement of your license? I surrendered my California RN license 2 years ago due to a drug possession charge unrelated to patient care. I am eligible to petition the board for reinstatement at this time and understand I will most likely have a 3 year probation. Being a nurse is who I am and what I love doing. I will do whatever is needed to get my license back. Any information you would care to share with me, I would greatly appreciate. Good luck to you!


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Congratulations on moving on! That's awesome--hope all goes really well. Best wishes and keep us posted!:yeah:


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I like your positive attitude, keep it going, a real key to your survival thru this process


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Thank you Oogie! I work really hard every day to stay positive! I am not without my bad moments though, thank goodness they are only moments though. This past year has prepared me well for taking on this contract. I set my check in for testing right by my Facebook app so it's the first thing I check. I am very fortunate I have a world of emotional support surrounding me, and that the shame has almost all but disappeared. My job puts me in close contact with the state epidemiologist and multitudes of nurses in all aspects of care, clinics, hospice, ect. It's an amazing opportunity for me to get to know these folks so that maybe, just maybe, later when I apply to their facilities I will have some positive results :). Until then my job outside of nursing is very fulfilling and some days I feel that it is a career path rather than a means to an end. I adamant about completing at least two and a half years of my contract before making any big decisions!