The new J & J commercials promoting nursing

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Have you all seen the commercials promoting nursing. I feel so good when I see these commercials. I'm proud to be in the "Future ranks" of a nurturing and fulfilling profession. Go Nursing!!!! :roll


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Yea it is long over due. Go JJ!

moni rn

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very nice! i was quite impressed! :)


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I sent an email to Johnson and Johnson thanking them for the ad. It is very well done and I liked how they showed nurses of all sexes and races.

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:D I guess I haven't seen the commercials yet, but WTG! It's about time!:roll


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I loved seeing those spots! They have done an wonderful job. When I was watching the superbowl, and the ads came on, I felt pride. "I am a Nurse."

If you liked the TV ads, then go to, it also is a wonderful site. Well, not as good as!:p :cool:

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I know.....the site is wonderful....also there are soooo many scholarships that I am eligible for....:D :D . Yippppeeeee!!!!!


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I was in the other room when I heard part of it, so I ran in, and it was over! I've been trying to find it ever since. Please tell me what their like so I can live through you guys:chuckle Heather


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I finally saw one last night. I had recorded ER since I didn't want to stay up that late. I am still getting over being sick. Anyways, it came on and it was great. Even at the OR where I volunteer, most of the corpsmen seem to think I am a bit nuts for going for RN rather than PA or nurse practitioner. I may eventually go for nurse practioner, but want to just start off with a BSN instead of a masters degree since I am going back to school at an older age. I decided against PA mostly because apparently it isn't even a BS degree but a certificate. Plus, I know that there is a very big need for nurses, I like what they do, and there are so many options as far as what kind of nurse one can be and where you can work. Anyways, I guess I got kind of carried away with this because all I was going to say was I liked the ad. Oh, well.


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